How do I Choose the Best Student Desk?

Felicia Dye

Your selection of a student desk greatly depends on the age and circumstances of the learner for whom you are purchasing it. One of the primary factors that you want to consider is the size of the desk. You need to consider what type of computer and devices will be used at the desk. Also make sure the desk has enough storage space or organizational features for the student’s needs.

It's important to ensure that a student desk has enough room on it for all materials.
It's important to ensure that a student desk has enough room on it for all materials.

If you are buying the student desk for a child in her elementary years, it is best to make it age appropriate. You do not want to purchase a piece of furniture that is oversized and extremely conservative, such as something that would be found in an office. This is likely to be uncomfortable and intimidating for a small child, and she may not want to use it. Try to find a desk that is proportionately sized and that has color or designs that make it inviting for a child.

Desks for younger children should be appropriately sized.
Desks for younger children should be appropriately sized.

You must also think about size if the student desk is for a young college student. You are probably well aware that many adolescents in college have limited amounts of space. When this is the case, a big, bulky desk can be more annoying than it is helpful. It is best to assess and perhaps even measure the area where the desk will be placed before making a purchase.

Whether a computer will be used at the student desk should affect your selection. A laptop, for example, can easily work at desks where personal computers (PCs) may not. If the desk will be used for a PC or for a laptop that needs to be connected to hardware such as a printer and scanner, consider where those devices will be placed. Some desks are designed with compartments for hardware. You also need to consider whether there are features built in to help manage and conceal the cords.

Select a desk that has appropriate organization features for other items. Although many people like the design of sleek, minimalist furniture, it is often not practical for students. Most likely, the ideal student desk will have some drawers, shelves, or cabinets for documents, writing utensils, and other items.

Also realize that even though you are purchasing a student desk quality is still important. There is a wide range of cheap furniture available, but the low price is often made obvious when the desk begins to quickly break down. If you choose a student desk that does not hold up, it is likely to become an eyesore, a source of frustration, and therefore a waste of time and money.

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