How Do I Choose the Best Strawberry Perfume?

Kristeen Moore

Quality strawberry perfume is made from a combination of fruit extracts and other ingredients as opposed to artificial fragrances. When comparing this type of fruit scent, it is important that you read the ingredient lists in order to determine whether a particular perfume is made from strawberry essential oils or not. Many perfume manufacturers add other complementing ingredients with strawberry extracts, so you will have to determine whether you want a fruity fragrance or a richer version. Strawberry perfume comes in either body sprays or colognes, which offer varying levels of intensity. This is also one of the easiest fragrances to make at home because you can create it fairly quickly with few ingredients.

Strawberries, which are used to make strawberry perfume.
Strawberries, which are used to make strawberry perfume.

Strawberry perfume is available from many manufacturers, but the best kinds are made with quality ingredients. When shopping for this type of fragrance, you should read product labels to see if a particular bottle is made with strawberry extracts or essential oils. Such information should indicate that the perfume is derived from the fruit, and not from artificial ingredients. Another consideration is where the strawberry ingredients fall on the list — if they are categorized near to last, then this means that the perfume might not resemble the true fruit as much as another product.

A bottle of perfume.
A bottle of perfume.

Perfumes do not always contain one type of fragrance, and this is especially the case with strawberry scents. Due to the popularity of the fruit, strawberry extracts are often used in combination with other ingredients to make either fruity or floral fragrances. Common examples of complementing scents include vanilla, peaches, and champagne. If you instead prefer a solely strawberry perfume, you should look at product labels carefully.

The intensity of a fragrance is also an important factor when you are searching for the best strawberry perfume. Body shops and some drugstores sell spray versions of the fragrance that are not as intense as colognes, so this might be a good alternative if you want a more subtle scent. Cologne versions of strawberry perfume have the highest levels of intensity, and you do not need to use as much of the product at once. Body sprays tend to be less expensive, while more intense perfumes generally carry a higher price tag.

Both children and adults like to make strawberry perfume at home, and it this is a fairly easy task to accomplish. Making the fragrance requires mixing together strawberry essential oils, distilled water, and vodka. You can also add other complementing essential oils depending on your preferences in scents. If you need to adjust the intensity level after mixing, simply add more water or essential oils to the mixture.

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