How Do I Choose the Best Stainless Steel Kettle?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann
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Woman holding a book

When attempting to find the best stainless steel kettle, there are several features that will set a good kettle apart from an average version. Thick bottoms will aid in the prevention of burned foods in a good stainless steel kettle, whereas a thin kettle may be less expensive, but will be more prone to burning food. Riveted handles offer much greater strength than the spot-welded or braised type found on lesser quality cookware. One area that will commonly set the best stainless steel kettle apart from the lesser units is a heavy glass cover. The glass cover not only provides a quality seal to the kettle, but it allows the cook to monitor the progress of the food without requiring the lid to be removed from the pan.

Many cooks prefer the appearance and easy cleaning qualities of a stainless steel kettle over kettles manufactured from other materials. When attempting to choose the best stainless steel kettle, a good test for quality is to lift the kettle. A kettle that feels heavy is often a better value than a similarly-priced lightweight version. Heavy metal kettles distribute heat more evenly than a thin-bottomed type. This contributes to a more evenly-cooked meal with less chance of uneven cooking due to hot spots. A heavy cover will seal in the heat, allowing the dish to cook faster and more evenly as well as seal in flavorful juices in the kettle.

When searching for the very best in cookware, a stainless steel kettle with a brass coating on the bottom of the kettle will typically be the best type to purchase. The brass provides a very good heat conductor to evenly cook the pan. The brass will also allow you to turn the heat much lower while retaining the boiling characteristics and saving on cooking expenses. When attempting to choose the very best stainless steel kettle, always choose the kettle that has solid metal handles rather than a flat-rolled, sheet metal style.

Flat-rolled handles are commonly welded to the stainless steel kettle and can have the tendency to break loose. This can be both disastrous and dangerous when transporting a heavy kettle of hot food. Solid steel or brass handles are riveted in place and rarely come loose, providing the utmost in safety for the handler. Some of the best stainless steel kettle designs incorporate a heat-resistant coating or addition to the handles in order to help prevent burns to the cook's hands.

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I went for many years without even owning a tea kettle. Whenever I wanted to boil water I would just use the microwave or boil it in a pan on the stove.

Then I was introduced to some high quality loose leaf tea, and decided it was time to buy a good kettle. When I did some pricing I found that a Hamilton Beach stainless steel kettle was not that much more than some of the cheaper ones.

This is the brand that I ended up buying and have been very happy with it. When my friend first told me that water just tasted better when it was heated up in a kettle instead of the microwave I really didn't believe her.

I think there must be some truth to that statement though. The best tea seems to be when the water comes from a stainless steel tea kettle.


Even though you will pay more for a quality stainless steel tea kettle, I think it is worth the price.

This will last you for many, many years and most of them have a classic look that will always be in style in any kitchen.

I have used the same stainless steel kettle for as long as I can remember. I like to boil water in this kettle for tea and drink tea every day. This kettle looks the same today as it did when I bought it.

This is something that has paid for itself many times over. If I had purchased a cheap tea kettle, I probably would have replaced it more than once by now.


If you have the funds there are lots of really good stainless steel kettles that are promoted by top chefs that actually use them in their own kitchens. My husband recently bought me some top of the line cookware and I was really pleased with how evenly everything cooks.

I must say that I really love the glass lids on the kettles because it makes it really easy to see how my food is doing. Plus, there is a little steam vent in each of the lids which prevents a lot of things from boiling over. Basically, I now have a lot less to clean up after one of my cooking missions.


When I went to purchase my stainless steel pots I made the mistake of going with the cheapest ones I could find. I was on a pretty tight budget and figured that one stainless steel kettle was as good as any other. Boy was I wrong. Within six months the handle actually broke off one of my kettles and I nearly scalded myself with hot water.

If you can't afford really good stainless steel kettles I suggest that you pick up some high quality ones from a second-hand shop. While it may not be ideal shopping for used kettles, it certainly beats buying a cheap new one and having it break on you.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book