How do I Choose the Best Soy Protein Bars?

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

Soy protein bars are a type of food that contains a high dose of soybean-derived protein. Often flavored and packaged like candy, these bars are often used by dieters and heavy exercisers to increase protein intake. There are many different available brands of soy protein bar on the market, and choosing the best brand and type may be a matter of taste and goals. Consider spending time comparison shopping for soy protein bars before settling on a brand or flavor. Taking the time to carefully choose soy bars can help keep this food choice both healthy and delicious.

Soy beans.
Soy beans.

One important thing to determine before purchasing soy protein bars is if any allergy to soy or soy products is present. Some people are sensitive to digesting soy, resulting in stomachaches, feelings of fatigue, or even allergic reactions. People with certain conditions, such as thyroid problems, may also develop a soy sensitivity that can be harmful. Consider getting tested by a health professional for soy allergies before making soy bars a part of daily life.

A high protein bar that is low in fat and calories is a good snack prior to an intense workout.
A high protein bar that is low in fat and calories is a good snack prior to an intense workout.

Choosing the best soy protein bars can have a lot to do with fitness or dieting goals. Body builders typically try to increase muscle mass by intaking high amounts of protein, allowing the body ample material to build. For those focused on muscle increase without much concern about weight gain, soy bars with the highest amount of protein may be the best choice.

Just because many soy protein bars claim to be a health food doesn't mean they're low in calories or fat. To disguise the often chewy and bland taste of soy protein, many bars contain a large dose of sugar, fat, chocolate, and other high-calorie ingredients. If dieting and weight loss are major concerns, read labels carefully. Check sugar amounts carefully, as some soy protein bars can constitute a lump of protein dipped and coated in refined sugar or corn syrup.

Choosing soy protein bars that are healthy doesn't necessarily mean giving up taste and flavor. Some bars can provide a good balance of taste and protein without going overboard on calories, fat, and sugar. There are bars available in just about every flavor imaginable, from s'mores to berries and cream. Reading labels and performing a few taste tests may be the best way to choose soy protein bars; by comparing different brands that meet nutrition goals, a conscientious consumer can get find the best balance between taste, protein, and calories.

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

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I like the chocolate soy protein bars. They seem to taste better. Anything fruit flavored in that line just seems to taste strange. You can really taste the protein and it's not exactly pleasant. Plus, the fruit flavoring is usually really sweet and not too appetizing.

I agree with Scrbblchick about the bars with nuts. I like the ones that have toasted almond halves. They are very, very good, and you know you're getting a protein boost. Plus, crunching on the almonds gives the bar a much more substantial mouth feel, and helps you feel like you're actually eating something of substance.


You always have to be careful about protein bars. They can be loaded with sugar and carbs. Always check the carb count, especially if you're looking at eating them as a snack, rather than as some kind of body building aid.

I'd also try to buy bars that have nuts, because these increase the protein content, taste good and don't add a ton of carbs to the bar. Most soy protein bars I've seen that contain nuts usually taste much better than other flavors. I always look for those.

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