How Do I Choose the Best Soap on a Rope?

Jamie Nedderman

The best soap on a rope for one person might be different from the best soap on a rope for another person. The intentions of the purchase, the actual need for the soap, safety considerations and available money all are important factors to consider. All of these considerations can help the soap on a rope that is purchased become a thoughtful gift or useful personal item.

Soap on a rope may be used as a bathing aid for those who have issues dropping soap in the shower.
Soap on a rope may be used as a bathing aid for those who have issues dropping soap in the shower.

There are various reasons that people feel the need to buy soap on a rope. You might have heard jokes about dropping soap while showering in such a place as a locker room or prison or might have seen cringe-inducing Father’s Day gifts, but there are valid reasons to purchase this type of soap. It might be useful for a disabled individual to ease the task of taking a shower, to promote shower safety by creating fewer slip and falls or for a child who consistently drops and loses the slippery soap in a bubble bath. There might be a traveler who is hesitant about dropping soap, then using it after it has fallen on a strange surface. Finally, perhaps a gag gift is needed, but a high quality product is desired so that the gag gift can actually be used.

Regardless of the reason, it is possible to find the best soap on a rope available to suit any of these needs. Favorite search engines on the Internet may be used; simply type in “soap on a rope” and countless results will appear. Be wary of online reviews, however, because some manufacturers and retail businesses generate their own positive reviews to encourage sales. Reviews from consumer agencies, magazines or websites with both positive and negative reviews might be the safer choice.

Personal needs also must be considered. If the purchase is for a child, make sure the contents are safe in case the child puts the soap in his or her mouth. Various ingredients might be used, if allergies are a concern or sensitive skin is involved. Handmade types are available.

The fragrance possibilities are endless; be sure to seek preferred scents such as a favorite cologne or fruit. Shapes range from basic squares or circles to animals and comical ones. Also consider the length of the rope itself; a longer or shorter rope might be more appropriate, depending on who will be using it.

Preferences with regard to cost should be considered along with these other options. Regular bars of soap can be purchased for very little money, so spending too much more might deter the purchase if it is not absolutely critical. Prices range from less than $10 US Dollars (USD) to more than $100 USD.

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