How Do I Choose the Best Slimming Lotion?

Kathleen Howard

A slimming lotion is a topical agent that is formulated to tighten and slim the body. These lotions are designed to work in several ways. Some slimming lotions are designed to temporarily tighten the skin, and others promise to reduce existing fat deposits. To choose the best lotion, look for one that contains effective ingredients, such as caffeine, aminophylline and retinol. These ingredients, as well as moisturizers and antioxidants, are what make up the best body slimming lotions.

Carrageenan powder, which is sometimes included in slimming lotions.
Carrageenan powder, which is sometimes included in slimming lotions.

Caffeine is an ingredient that is commonly used in slimming lotions and cellulite creams. When massaged into the skin, caffeine will increase circulation, reduce inflammation and tighten blood vessels in the area. Caffeine might by listed by name in a lotion’s ingredients or it might be listed as green tea, black tea or coffee. Each of these ingredients will temporarily increase circulation, flush fluid from the area and result in a slimmer appearance.

Some slimming lotions contain kelp.
Some slimming lotions contain kelp.

Aminophylline is another ingredient to look for in a slimming lotion. This ingredient, which was first used as bronchodilator in asthma medications, is now used for its possible fat-burning properties. When applied topically, aminophylline is believed to aid in the breakdown of fat cells. Its effectiveness had not been proved as of 2011, but clinical studies had shown promising results.

Many of the best slimming lotions also include retinol. Retinol, which is a derivative of vitamin A, improves circulation and thickens the skin. This ingredient will not reduce the size of existing fat calls, but it might make the skin appear tighter and more toned. Retinol might also improve the appearance of cellulite because of its ability to thicken the skin.

Although these three ingredients are the basis of most slimming lotions, some lotions also contain a variety of herbs and extracts. Herbs such as butcher's broom and horsetail are believed to possess slimming properties. Algae is another ingredient to look for when choosing a slimming lotion. Some lotions contain algae extracts, and others contain bladderwrack, kelp and carrageenan. These ingredients slim the body by eliminating toxins and excess fluids that have accumulated under the skin.

To choose an effective body slimming lotion, look for products that contain natural moisturizing agents and plant extracts that will nourish the skin. Although it is important to choose a lotion that contains high-quality slimming ingredients, the best lotions are those that work to improve the overall health of the skin. Well-moisturized skin is more able to retain elasticity and resist becoming loose or wrinkled. These ingredients will help you maintain a slim appearance in the long run, and ingredients such as caffeine will provide you with instant results.

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I think that if using slimming lotions makes people feel better, they should use them. However, they shouldn't get their hopes up that these lotions will produce major results, because more than likely they won't.


When it comes to lotions that claim to slim you, I don't think you should believe the hype. If these products really worked, they would be very expensive or sold out!

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