How Do I Choose the Best Sirloin Steak Sauce?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Barbeque sauce is one option to use on a sirloin steak.
Barbeque sauce is one option to use on a sirloin steak.

When you are trying to choose a sirloin steak sauce, it can be helpful to think about the type of meal you are serving. Soy might be best alongside rice or noodles, but a commercial steak sauce might work well with a salad and baked potato. You may want to marinate your meat before cooking sirloin; either barbeque or sweet and sour sauce could be used. Generally speaking, you should use a thicker sauce if you are basting this beef than if you simply want to add flavor to the steak after cooking.

Sirloin steak can be a part of a variety of meal plans.
Sirloin steak can be a part of a variety of meal plans.

Sirloin steak can be part of a variety of meal plans, and the steak sauce you use should complement the other foods you are eating. The good news is that a sirloin steak sauce can be very simple, so you may already have things that can be used to flavor these cuts of beef. Soy sauce can be a tasty addition to sirloin, and might be a good choice when serving Asian meals. If you are eating sirloin with vegetables, salad, or potatoes, you may want a store-bought type made from a tomato base and a variety of spices. Hot sauce, ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce are some other things you can use to flavor a sirloin steak.

Thick steak sauces are best for grilling.
Thick steak sauces are best for grilling.

Some cooks like to marinate their steaks, and if this is the case, you may want to consider using barbeque or sweet and sour sauce to do this. You can either purchase these sauces from a store, or if you are adventurous, you may want to make your own. Ketchup, brown sugar, and vinegar can be used along with various spices to make a barbeque sauce. Brown sugar, lemon, and pineapple might be mixed to form sweet and sour sauce. You could also buy sirloin steak sauce with a hickory-smoked flavor, and one of these can be a tasty marinade.

Whether you are marinating the meat or adding sauce after cooking, it is very important to choose a sirloin steak sauce that is the right consistency. If you are marinating the steak or adding sauce to it while grilling, it is important to choose a thick product that will adhere to the beef without being clumpy. When choosing a sauce to put on a cooked sirloin, it should be somewhat thinner but not runny. It is perfectly acceptable to use one sauce for marinating the steak and another for drizzling on it after it is cooked provided their flavors do not compete with each other.

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I think that Worcestershire sauce is the best kind to use when making sirloin steak. Different cuts of steak taste good with different types of sauce, and for some reason, sirloin steaks remind me of hamburgers, which I also think are best when served with Worcestershire sauce.

If you let it soak in the sauce long enough before cooking it, then you won't even need to add any afterward. I have heard people say that when you have a good steak, it just doesn't need sauce. I think that perhaps their definition of a good steak might lie in how it is prepared.

I know that some sirloin steaks are fattier than others, but I think that Worcestershire sauce goes great with all of them. I do prefer the leaner version, because the sauce seems to shine through more with it.


I am a big fan of Asian food, and my favorite dish from the local Japanese restaurant is teriyaki steak. The meat is cooked in teriyaki sauce, and it is just saturated with flavor.

It comes with a side of fried rice speckled with peas and carrots, a couple of cooked sushi pieces, and a spring roll. I like dipping all of this in teriyaki sauce, in keeping with the flavor of the steak.

I decided to try cooking sirloin steak at home with teriyaki sauce, and it tasted wonderful. I couldn't make the sushi and spring rolls to go along with it, but I did serve some fried rice covered in teriyaki sauce that went great with the steak.


@kylee07drg – Just because a steak sauce carries the brand name of an alcohol-producing company doesn't mean that it contains alcohol. In fact, I have bought steak sauces and barbecues of brands like these that explicitly state on the label that they do not contain alcohol.

I'm sure that most people assume they do. Just check the label. I'm fairly certain that you will find that you can serve it to minors safely.

I have heard that it isn't good to marinate meat in alcohol. It will make the outside cook quicker, and your meat won't get to absorb the flavors in your marinade. So, I doubt that any company would add alcohol to their steak sauces.


I have always thought that steak sauces that are made by companies that are known for producing alcohol are the best. I assume that these sauces contain alcohol, since they carry the company name. If this is true, then whiskey produces the best flavor of steak that I have ever eaten.

Does anyone know if marinades like this really do contain alcohol? I want to make steaks and marinate them in this when my family comes for a visit, but they are bringing minors with them, and I don't want to serve them alcohol. I really hate that they would miss out on this flavor, though, because it is out of this world!

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    • Barbeque sauce is one option to use on a sirloin steak.
      By: baibaz
      Barbeque sauce is one option to use on a sirloin steak.
    • Sirloin steak can be a part of a variety of meal plans.
      By: Blind Shot
      Sirloin steak can be a part of a variety of meal plans.
    • Thick steak sauces are best for grilling.
      Thick steak sauces are best for grilling.