How Do I Choose the Best Shoestring Potatoes?

C.B. Fox

Choosing the best shoestring potatoes ultimately comes down to a matter of personal taste. These snacks come in various flavors and may be made of all natural ingredients or may contain some artificial flavorings. Trying a few different brands and a few different flavors is the best way to determine which variety you prefer. The crunchiness of these snacks can also be considered when choosing the best potatoes, though most that are pre-packaged have been cooked all the way through and are very crunchy, like potato chips.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing the best shoestring potatoes is their flavor. Some potatoes are left plain, allowing the taste of fried potatoes to come through while others may be coated with salt, pepper, or other seasonings and spices. People who prefer milder snacks may prefer their shoestring potatoes plain while those who enjoy bold flavors may want to try potatoes that have been heavily seasoned.

A chef's knife is typically used to julienne potatoes.
A chef's knife is typically used to julienne potatoes.

The use of preservatives is also a major consideration when choosing the best shoestring potatoes. The thin cut of these potatoes allows oil to seep into the middle while they are cooking. This makes it possible for these snacks to remain fresh in an airtight package for a long period of time without the use of preservatives, though many companies include preservatives in their snack foods because it allows them to stay fresh for even longer. Preservatives should not affect the flavor of the snacks, but many people try to avoid foods with these chemicals in them. Consumers who wish to eat all-natural snacks should read the ingredients on a package of these potatoes to see whether they use artificial colorings or flavorings.

Pre-packaged shoestring potatoes have been fried enough that the oil has penetrated the entire strip of potato. This makes these snacks very crispy and crunchy, a texture that many people prefer. Freshly made shoestring potatoes, on the other hand, can be cooked until they are crispy or left soft in the middle, the way many thicker french fries are. These can be found in restaurants or cooked at home, making them a much fresher snack than the pre-packaged varieties, but giving them a very different texture.

People who wish to make shoestring potatoes at home can thinly julienne and fry any type of potato. Baking potatoes, which are high in starch, are good for making shoestring potatoes that are on the soft side while those low in starch, such as new potatoes, will keep their shape as they fry, creating very crunchy snacks. When choosing any type of potato, the vegetable should be examined thoroughly to make sure that it doesn't have any soft spots or blemishes on it.

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