How do I Choose the Best Shiatsu Course?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
Example of Shiatsu massage.
Example of Shiatsu massage.

In order to choose the best shiatsu course, you must first identify your reasons for wanting to learn shiatsu massage. The criteria for choosing a school will depend on whether you are learning for individual fulfillment or whether you would like to someday become a shiatsu massage therapist. If you do not plan to work as a massage therapist, you can choose a local shiatsu course that offers good instruction on shiatsu techniques. If your plan is to learn shiatsu massage to provide service to others, however, then choose a shiatsu course that will help you achieve your professional goals.

If planning for a future as a massage therapist, choose a shiatsu course that focuses on professional training. Many other courses will need to be taken in order to become certified, but if you are only considering a single class right now, it is important that you choose one that can be combined with the others for you to eventually receive a full education. You should also select a shiatsu course offered by an accredited institution. While you may learn shiatsu massage at several locations and many independent teachers may offer personal shiatsu classes, unless you take a course at an accredited school, the time you spent learning shiatsu will not help you become a shiatsu massage therapist.

A good shiatsu course should teach you multiple styles of shiatsu massage. Specifically, a course should offer instruction on diagnostic methods, acupressure and methods that unblock the body’s natural energy flow, known as qi. If a shiatsu class doesn’t cover all of these techniques, be sure that subsequent courses will be offered that do cover these techniques in case you choose to continue your education and enroll in one at a later date.

Ultimately, choose an accredited shiatsu course that offers a well-rounded education in shiatsu massage. The course should be taught in-person by an experienced instructor who can also supervise you and provide feedback while you attempt techniques on other class participants. Select the class that is easily accessible to you in terms of location and that best suits your budget.

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    • Example of Shiatsu massage.
      By: Etienne Ruggeri
      Example of Shiatsu massage.