How Do I Choose the Best Shaving Lotion?

Madeleine A.
Madeleine A.
Women's shaving lotion often contains an appealing fragrance.
Women's shaving lotion often contains an appealing fragrance.

Choosing the best shaving lotion is typically determined by a person's skin sensitivity, whether the shaving lotion is to be used on the legs or the face, and whether it is being used by men or women. People with sensitive skin may choose a hypoallergenic or fragrance-free shaving lotion, while people without sensitivities may enjoy one with a hint of fragrance in it. In addition, people who use shaving lotion to shave their legs may prefer to use a formulation that is slightly water resistant so it can be used in the shower.

Some people prefer shaving lotion that contains aloe or another moisturizing agent. Shaving can be drying and irritating to the skin, so moisturizers can help counteract dryness and skin irritation. Women's shaving lotions should be mild and gentle to sensitive skin. This is especially important when shaving the bikini area. Because this is such a sensitive area, mild, hypoallergenic shaving lotions may be the best choice.

Aftershave lotions, not to be confused with other types of shaving lotions, are a type of cologne with astringent properties that are typically used after shaving the face. In addition, aftershave lotions freshen and tighten pores, while leaving a fresh, clean scent behind. It is important to note, however, that people who have sensitive skin may find that aftershaves are too irritating to freshly shaved skin, because, like traditional colognes, many of them contain alcohol.

Typically, men's shaving lotions are similar in scent to men's colognes, while women's shaving lotions resemble women's colognes. Although men's and women's colognes can be purchased at department store cosmetic counters, shaving lotion is generally not available at cosmetic counters. It is usually sold at drugstores, as are men's and women's colognes. Unlike colognes, where prices vary from inexpensive to very pricey, shaving lotion is almost always moderately priced.

If a person is sensitive to fragrance, he may prefer a shaving lotion that is fragrance free. It may, however, be challenging to find fragrance-free shaving lotions because the majority of them have at least a slight scent to them. Products that are labeled as no-fragrance-added are not necessarily completely fragrance free, so it is important to read the labels.

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I don't think that you have to spend a lot of money to get a good shave. I have found that a basic, inexpensive shaving lotion that you can find at any discount or retail stores works perfectly.


I have sensitive skin, so I tried using an all-natural shaving lotion in place of my usual brand. It is the best shaving lotion that I have ever used, because it allows my razor to glide smoothly over my skin. It also does not cause me to have razor burn or break outs, which I attribute to the fact that it doesn't contain artificial fragrance, parabens, or petroleum-based oils. I would recommend this type of shaving lotion to anyone who wants a clean shave without risk of allergic reactions to the product.

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    • Women's shaving lotion often contains an appealing fragrance.
      By: Artem Furman
      Women's shaving lotion often contains an appealing fragrance.