How Do I Choose the Best Secretary Courses?

Misty Amber Brighton

If you would like to become a secretary, it is helpful to know if you would like to work in a specialized area, such as a medical or legal office, as this means you should take secretary courses that will prepare you for one of these jobs. You should also consider your own skills when deciding on secretary training so you can choose classroom instruction or online courses. Talking with an admissions counselor to find out if the college offers job-placement assistance can also be helpful.

Medical and legal secretaries often need specialized training.
Medical and legal secretaries often need specialized training.

Your secretary career could allow you to work in a variety of office settings. This is something you may want to consider when choosing secretary courses, since some jobs may demand more specialized training. Two examples of this are medical and legal secretary positions, which may require you to know the basic terminology associated with those fields. If this is something you are interested in, make sure the secretary classes you take will adequately prepare you for that line of work.

Choosing the best secretary courses depends on the type of secretary career that the individual is interested in pursing.
Choosing the best secretary courses depends on the type of secretary career that the individual is interested in pursing.

Secretary training may include keyboarding, word processing, basic computer skills, and other courses. Your level of experience in these areas can dictate what type of secretary courses you need to take. If you are already a proficient typist you may be able to skip keyboarding, likewise if you are already experienced at using different types of software. You may want to know if the college you are considering accepts credit in lieu of work experience so you won't end up taking unnecessary classes.

Your previous experience and level of expertise can help you decide whether to take secretary courses at a local college or via distance learning. If you have never used a computer before or if it has been some time since you have done so, it is smart to take these courses in a live classroom setting. Doing so will allow you to have hand-on experience with the help of an instructor, who can analyze your progress and give you helpful tips. If you only need certain computer courses as a refresher, it would be acceptable to take these classes online.

After graduation, you will be ready to put your newly-developed secretary skills to use. Finding a job can be a harrowing experience, even for those with extensive secretary training. If the college you choose has a job-placement program, this can be a definite advantage. This is especially true if the school has a reputation for graduating quality students who are prepared to function in the current business environment.

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Since many companies promote their businesses with social media these days, it is a good idea that a person wanting to work as a secretary take a course in social medial too.


Keep in mind that today's secretaries are often given the title administrative assistants. Though a lot of the work is similar to that of the past, there is also more duties involved in this position that often requires being able to work closely with bosses and handle some of their work loads.

A good secretarial course should have in-depth computer training, communications, and management advice to help cover all of the duties that the modern secretary will be expected to perform. There is much more work involved today for most secretaries than just typing, filing, and answering the phone, so someone working in the field will need to be prepared.

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