How Do I Choose the Best Scaffolding Training? (with picture)

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh
Scaffolding workers must not be fearful of heights.
Scaffolding workers must not be fearful of heights.

Choose the best scaffolding training by finding courses that meet regulations in the country where you reside. You also need to consider your schedule, the cost of the training, and whether your employer is willing to help you by providing you with the time off and the money for the course. The best scaffolding training will provide you with the necessary tools to understand how to erect and dismantle scaffolding, what to do in case of a fall, and the nature of scaffolding in general. Scaffolding training should also teach you about load capacities, intended use, and how to install fall protection.

There are federal regulations for scaffolding training that have been set in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the US. State regulations generally follow the same guidelines, but some states have added additional criteria to the training requirements. It is necessary to check with your state's health department to ensure that the training program you find meets the requirement for scaffolding training in your state. In countries besides the US, check with your local health department to find out if there are regulations for training programs.

If you are currently employed and need scaffolding training to do your job, it is likely that your employer is willing to give you time off work to complete the training. Your boss might even be willing to pay for the training since it is a requirement of your job. Ask your employer about this and see if he or she recommends any training programs in your area. Your employer might be able to direct you to the best scaffolding training program for your particular position.

For those interested in undertaking scaffolding training in the hopes of finding a future job, it is necessary to look a little harder for the best training program. Find a training program that works with your current schedule and budget. Classes generally last for a few days and cover all of the material that you need to get a job working with scaffolding.

The best scaffolding training for you will teach you how to do the main things necessary with scaffolding. An overview of what scaffolding is, putting up and tearing down the materials, and fall protection should be main components of the seminars. Learning about intended use and load capacities can help you to prevent accidents in the future due to misuse of materials and placing too much weight on the scaffolding.

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    • Scaffolding workers must not be fearful of heights.
      Scaffolding workers must not be fearful of heights.