How Do I Choose the Best Rustic Mexican Furniture?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Choosing the best rustic Mexican furniture depends on one's needs, budget, and location. While it is possible to buy furniture that has an attractive rustic Mexican look but is actually new, some of the best items of this type are actually antiques and must typically be bought in Mexico. This style of furniture is characterized by the use of attractive woods like pine, and metal elements, usually wrought iron or copper. Some unique items utilizing paint or the use of pigskin can truly identify a piece of furniture as Mexican, although these may be harder to blend with other furniture styles. Which type of rustic Mexican furniture is best depends on one's needs, but one should be sure to consider both design and quality.

Many people like the look of rustic Mexican furniture in raw pine with metal accents. Mexican designs of this type make excellent armoires, bed frames, and other large furniture elements. These items are very sturdy and attractive but do not always look as uniquely Mexican as other styles. Even so, when looking for rustic Mexican furniture that will last a long time, these sturdy wood items work very well.

There are many pieces of rustic Mexican furniture that feature the use of pigskin leather, palm strips, and painting. These may be aged artificially in order to give the furniture the look of having been handed down through generations. One thing to keep in mind when looking at this type of furniture is that the woven sections are sometimes breakable, and it can be hard to blend these items when using decor from many different traditions. Items of this type are often handcrafted and unique, and can therefore make an amazing addition to any home.

While there are rustic Mexican furniture items for all rooms of the house, outdoor furniture is one unique area that can benefit from rustic Mexican decor. Outdoor items are usually not made from the characteristic wood used in other types of Mexican furniture. Tables, chairs, and other types of outdoor Mexican furniture are often made of wrought iron or copper.

Choosing the best rustic Mexican furniture is difficult because one must consider not only the look of the furniture but also how long it will last and how it was made. Furniture that is constructed well can last for many years and may even be of heirloom quality. While not everyone needs furniture of this high quality, it is clear that these items are the best overall. Other considerations include whether the furniture was made in a factory or by hand, and whether the item is of historical value or very new. Thinking about what one wants from rustic Mexican furniture can help figure out which pieces are best for one's needs.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book