How do I Choose the Best Rustic Kitchen Cabinets?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best rustic kitchen cabinets should be fairly easy if you understand your specific decor style as well as your tastes. For instance, if your rustic kitchen style is French country, you may want to paint over your dated cabinets rather than buying new ones. There are many books and online instructions for French country painting techniques; you can use rough-bristled brushes over two different paint colors such as blue and yellow to get the look of old rustic cabinetry. If you prefer an informal style that's more natural looking, knotty pine rustic kitchen cabinets or antique cupboards may be more to your taste.

Old kitchen cabinets may be painted for a rustic look.
Old kitchen cabinets may be painted for a rustic look.

Antique kitchen cabinets are freestanding and available in different heights. Antique baking cabinets are tall and large; they have a countertop for rolling out dough. Inside the upper cabinets are containers for flour and spices. Pie safes and jelly cupboards are smaller types of antique rustic kitchen cabinets. If you like an old-fashioned farmhouse look, antique kitchen cabinets are ideal if they fit into your budget; a wood farmhouse table can complete your look.

If you are choosing a rustic farmhouse kitchen style, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your accessories. Stainless steel appliances aren't going to work here. Having your refrigerator refaced with wood to coordinate with your antique kitchen cabinets could work out well. Collect antique farmhouse pottery to hold utensils to finish the look. Gingham kitchen curtains can complement the country appeal of the antique freestanding cabinets.

Knotty pine rustic kitchen cabinets can work with many country styles. For instance, they can be used in a mountain cabin look with hardwood wide board or natural stone floors. Accessories such as faux fur dining chair or bar stool seat covers can complete the rustic mountain feeling of the kitchen.

Knotty pine cupboards can also fit well into a rustically elegant or shabby chic style of kitchen. They can be left as is or coated with a light white wash paint technique so the natural pine knots in the wood show through. A matching knotty pine kitchen table and chair set can keep the look going. Keeping everything in shades of white and adding accessories such as silver candlesticks enhance this elegant approach to rustic kitchen cabinets.

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