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How do I Choose the Best Rifle Scope Rangefinder?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

The task of choosing a rifle scope rangefinder often evolves into finding the best unit that fits within a certain budget. There are several types and styles of rifle scope rangefinder options to choose from. Laser beam-equipped rifle scope rangefinder styles are the most expensive, while reticle-type rangefinders are more affordable for the average shooter. After setting a budget, the next item for consideration is the distance that will need to be measured. It is not practical to purchase a rifle scope rangefinder that will measure many times the distance that a shooter is comfortable shooting at.

The typical rifle scope rangefinder measures distance in meters or yards. While the formula to convert one measurement to the other is relatively easy with a calculator, most shooters choose the scope that is calibrated to the unit of measure they are most comfortable using. This decision gives a feeling of comfort to the shooter and makes judging distance an easy task. The next option or feature to decide on is the style of rangefinder designed into the scope. Laser-type rangefinders are usually easy to decipher while the reticle type can often be very confusing.

A rifle scope rangefinder often measures distance in meters or yards.
A rifle scope rangefinder often measures distance in meters or yards.

When choosing a laser-type rifle scope rangefinder, the most important design factor to consider is the ease of readability of the rangefinder. A scope that is very difficult to read or impossible to use in a fast-shooting predicament is not a good choice. With some laser-type rifle scope rangefinder packages, the only tangible benefit in the purchase of the item is the elimination of an additional range-finding device that is carried into the woods. The shooter must be clear of the benefits of the scope package in order to be confident that the most practical benefits offered are included in the rifle scope rangefinder.

With the reticle-type rangefinder scopes, the vertical line in the cross hairs will usually contain several circles starting with a large circle at the center of the cross hairs gradually receding in size going towards the bottom of the sight aperture. The purpose of the circles is to choose the circle that best contains the target area, typically the chest area of the game hunted. The range assignment to each circle is dependent upon the distance at which the center cross hair is sighted. To be assured of a proper and good choice with this type of scope, it is imperative that the scope be easily read and targeted through when pulling the weapon up quickly for a fast shot.

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    • A rifle scope rangefinder often measures distance in meters or yards.
      By: BestPhotoStudio
      A rifle scope rangefinder often measures distance in meters or yards.