How Do I Choose the Best Ribbon Organizer?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
Some ribbon organizers also have places for scissors.
Some ribbon organizers also have places for scissors.

Ribbon organizers can be an essential tool to adequately organize your crafts. To choose the best type of ribbon organizer, you'll have to decide whether you want an organizer that is free-standing or wall-mounted, is modifiable and is capable of storing other crafts items. Selecting organizers that are built to protect your ribbon's quality and usability can also be beneficial.

Ribbon organizers, like any other type of organizers, can take up space. To save space and free up your counters and tables, select a ribbon organizer that can be be mounted onto a wall. Buying an organizer of this type can ensure that you will always know where your ribbon collection is. Dividers within an organizer can help you better organize your ribbon by type or color. Organizers with lids can help keep your ribbon clean and free of dust, and they might protect your ribbon from the fading that would come with direct exposure to sunlight.

If you want to save time, choose a ribbon organizer that has a device that will allow you to cut ribbon as you unroll it from the organizer. Similarly, you can choose an organizer that lets you store scissors and other cutting devices alongside the ribbon, so you don't have to look for them when you reach for ribbon. Having your cutting tools and ribbon in the same place can make the completion of your projects faster.

You might prefer to buy a ribbon organizer onto which you can add other components. Some ribbon organizers are able to be stacked. This extra storage space usually can be bought alongside the original ribbon organizer.

To protect your ribbon, buy organizers that are made of materials that won't degrade ribbon. Look for organizers made out of acid-free materials. You might be able to save money by purchasing organizers made out of these materials, because you won't have to buy replacement ribbon as often as you would if you had stored your ribbon in organizers that were not acid-free.

Be sure to choose a ribbon organizer with rods that can accommodate the diameter of all of your ribbon rolls. Not all ribbon rolls can fit into every type of organizer. You also should choose an organizer that can comfortably store all of your rolls of ribbon without having them wedge together too tightly. Rolls of ribbon that are stored too tightly can make maneuvering and removal from the organizing unit difficult.

Consider making your own ribbon organizer out of common household items if you can't find a reasonably priced organizer at stores. You can create ribbon organizers out of storage organizer bins, shoe boxes and hanging hooks. Making a ribbon organizer can be quick, easy and, if you're a crafty person at heart, fun, too.

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    • Some ribbon organizers also have places for scissors.
      Some ribbon organizers also have places for scissors.