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How Do I Choose the Best Retro Kettle?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

The best retro kettle for you will be the right color and style, the right size, and fit into your budget. There are many different kinds of kettles available, both online, in stores, and through catalogs. Even before you begin shopping, you should decide how much you are willing to spend, and for what purpose you'll be using the retro kettle the most.

A retro kettle can cost a few dollars or a few hundred dollars, depending on the brand name and material. For instance, a copper retro kettle may cost hundreds of dollars, but a stainless steel kettle may only cost ten dollars. There isn't much difference in performance between one kettle and the next, so be conversative in your estimate of what you should spend.

Online shopping offers a variety of options.
Online shopping offers a variety of options.

Keep in mind that a retro kettle, although old fashioned in its design, is still a contemporary piece. If you think that you might like a kettle now but that you may want a new one in a few years, you should probably spend a little less. A retro kettle that you plan to keep for many years and use daily might be worth more to ensure a high quality, durable design.

Once you have decided how much you are going to spend on your kettle, consider what color you want. Often, kettles are left on the stove, as they are used on a daily basis. If you believe you will leave your kettle out, decide whether you want it to blend into the surrounding appliances or stand out. For instance, a kettle in orange or red will add an accent of color, but a brushed nickel kettle will blend in with stainless steel appliances.

The last thing you need to determine before shopping is the correct size. Kettles that heat just enough water for a single beverage are available as are kettles which can heat ten cups of water or more. If you typically make hot water only for yourself, you can get a small kettle. To entertain or make enough for your family, you will need a larger pot. A good rule of thumb is at least eight ounces per person, so for a family of four, you need a kettle that can hold 32 ounces.

After deciding how much to spend, what color and what size retro kettle you need, you're ready to begin shopping. You will find two types of kettles: stove top and electric. Electric kettles plug into an outlet. Many people believe they heat water faster and more efficiently, but others prefer using a traditional style.

Traditional stove top kettles are typically stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramic. Stainless steel is a practical, affordable material that functions very well. Cast iron, although more expensive, retains heat longer than stainless steel. Ceramic kettles are both beautiful and lightweight, but not all can be used on a stove eye.

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    • Online shopping offers a variety of options.
      By: annakazimir
      Online shopping offers a variety of options.