How Do I Choose the Best Remote Control Forklift?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen
Remote-controlled toy forklifts are modeled after the industrial vehicles.
Remote-controlled toy forklifts are modeled after the industrial vehicles.

When shopping for a remote control forklift, there are many aspects to consider. It is important to think about how big or small you want the forklift to be because the toys exist in various sizes. The number of features you want the toy to have is also important because they can play a role in determining price.

One of the first considerations is the type and number of batteries that the remote control forklift will use. Both the remote control unit and the forklift itself typically will utilize battery power to achieve motion. Different models may use different sizes and number of batteries. It is important to remember that the cost of replacement batteries is a recurring cost unless you purchase rechargeable batteries. If a remote control forklift requires too many batteries or a battery size that costs more than other sizes, you may want to look for another model that performs similarly but uses fewer or cheaper batteries.

Remote control forklifts may be available in different styles. Some are made to resemble actual forklifts and may share the name of real forklift manufacturers. Others are designed to look like toys and are not meant to accurately resemble a true forklift. Think about which you like the most and which brands, if any, appeal most to you. Some people might enjoy having a realistic remote control forklift, while others, particularly small children, may be happy with a toy that does not look like a real forklift.

The price of a remote control forklift may be very important to some buyers. Prices may vary considerably, depending on the features, materials used to produce the toy, and a number of other factors. Fancy models with many features usually cost more than simple remote control toys. Inexpensive models designed for children may feature a low price tag, but the quality may suffer.

Some remote control forklifts come with accessories. Common accessories include plastic replicas of things that real forklifts lift. Items such as imitation boxes, crates, pallets, drums, or barrels are examples of typical toy forklift accessories. You may want to think about whether or not the added items would be useful to you or the person using the toy.

Make sure, if possible, to read as much information as possible about a remote control forklift before purchasing it. Learn from the manufacturer or seller’s description of the item how high the fork lifts, how much weight it can bear, the exact dimensions of the toy, the range of motion it has, and a list of all other features the remote control forklift might have. It also may be a good idea to find out about warranties and refund policies from the seller or manufacturer in case the product does not meet your expectations.

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Do you know that some actual full-sized forklifts also run on batteries and are controlled with remote controls? So maybe buying a kid one of these toys will prepare him for a job in the future. You may be able to put him to work after a few months of playing with the toy.


@Laotionne - Reading this article points out a few of the mistakes I made when I bought my kid's toy remote controlled cars and trucks. The batteries and the quality of the toys I bought were always the two biggest issues for me.

You want to buy a quality toy at a reasonable price and sometimes it is difficult to find the right combination of quality and price. With a toy like a forklift, I would say get the best one you can afford since it will be used to lift and carry things, and generally put through the ringer.

As far as batteries go, remote control vehicles require a good amount of power, so the batteries will hold out only so long. I would go with rechargeable batteries like were talked about in this article. I think these types of batteries will save you money in the long run.


My biggest question about these remote control forklifts is how long will the batteries last with heavy use? The article mentions that you will need batteries for the controller and the actual toy, so that could be a lot of batteries. Also, I know that cheap batteries sometimes wear down really quickly.

These toys cost enough without having to pay a fortune for batteries, and as the article says, this is a cost that doesn't end. As long as your child has the toy it will need batteries.

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    • Remote-controlled toy forklifts are modeled after the industrial vehicles.
      Remote-controlled toy forklifts are modeled after the industrial vehicles.