How do I Choose the Best Recliner Sectionals?

Dan Cavallari

The most important consideration when choosing recliner sectionals is the size of the unit: be sure to measure your room carefully to determine how much space you have to spare for the recliner sectionals you are considering. Beyond size, consider the decor of the room and decide ahead of time what type of upholstery you would like to see in your room, as well as what color you should consider. Checking out swatches of material can help you decide if you are having difficulty. Remember that some materials will be more expensive than others, making the prices of recliner sectionals vary, sometimes significantly.

Examining fabric swatches or samples may assist in decision making prior to purchase.
Examining fabric swatches or samples may assist in decision making prior to purchase.

Consider whether you want any other features beyond the reclining feature on the recliner sectionals you are considering. Some sectionals, for example, come with small, built-in drink tables or even cup holders throughout the length of the sectional. These tables can be handy if you eat or drink while sitting in the recliner sectionals, but they can be troublesome if you plan on spreading out across the length of the sectional or sleeping on the couch at any point. To counter this problem, some recliner sectionals that feature such tables recline far enough that one can sleep in the reclined position quite comfortably. Others feature tables that can be flipped upward into the seat back to act as a seat back cushion itself.

Be sure to test out the ease with which the reclining function can be operated. Some reclining features require you to push back on the seat back to engage the recliner, while others feature arms built into the sides of the couch. This means only the end sections of the couch will feature recliners. Other recliners feature push-button controls that electronically engage the reclining feature simply and easily. This may mean the sectional will require a power source of some sort, whether in the form of batteries or a wall outlet. Whatever method you choose, be sure the reclining feature can be engaged and disengaged easily, and make sure that the reclining position is comfortable.

The upholstery will have a significant effect on both the aesthetic appeal of the recliner sectionals as well as the functionality. Be sure to choose a pattern or color that fits well with the room in which the furniture will be placed, but also choose a material that will be durable enough to stand up to regular use, especially if children will be using the couch regularly. It may be a wise decision to consider a sectional with stain-resistant fabrics that can be cleaned easily and will resist damage from liquids and foods.

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