How Do I Choose the Best Promotional Stress Balls?

Nicole Long

Promotional stress balls help convey a message to current and potential customers and clients. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, promotional stress balls offer a functional and fun way to advertise. The specifics of the product, the message, and overall marketing goal should be considered when choosing a stress ball for any promotional campaign.

Stress balls come in several shapes and styles.
Stress balls come in several shapes and styles.

A wide variety of products are offered by the promotional products industry. Among one of the most popular non-clothing item is the promotional stress ball. These balls allow the user to squeeze out frustration and then they bounce back to shape. Companies distribute promotional stress balls to employees and customers as a way of advertising the company name, brands, or services.

Stress balls might help someone deal with everyday tension.
Stress balls might help someone deal with everyday tension.

Choosing the best stress ball requires an understanding of the types of styles that exist in the marketplace. Stress balls come in several shapes and styles. Some are constructed of a foam material, and others are rubber and filled with a powdery substance or tiny beads. The shapes available include the traditional round balls as well as custom shapes, such as airplanes and hearts.

When deciding on the best promotional stress ball to use for a marketing campaign, considering any specifics related to the campaign can help narrow down the options. This can include thinking about the target age group for the promotion. Younger consumers may be more acceptable of trendy designs and concepts, whereas older consumers may prefer a traditional design.

Another factor to keep in mind is the message of the campaign. For campaigns related to a specific product or service, the choice of stress ball should reflect a relationship to that specific brand or service. Campaigns centered on charity events or overall company initiatives, such as a healthy hearts campaign, may lend themselves to a broader spectrum of options in promotional stress balls.

Promotional products should help companies meet the overall goal of the promotion or campaign. Some giveaways may be more geared towards creating a fun experience for the customer, while others may be geared towards recruiting business. When choosing a stress ball, keeping the overall goal in mind will aid in choosing the shape and design of the product.

After the options are narrowed down, a company will need to take into account any imprint they wish to place on the item. This can include the company name, contact information, and slogan. Before finalizing an order for promotional stress balls, a pre-production proof or sample should be reviewed to ensure recipients will be able to make out the information.

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