How Do I Choose the Best Promotional Coasters?

Maggie Worth
Maggie Worth
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Choosing promotional items for your business can be a challenge. One option is promotional coasters, which come in a wide range of price points, styles, and materials. To choose the coaster that is best for you, consider all options. If possible, ask for samples from manufacturers so that you can compare the actual items side by side. You'll want to consider the intended use of the coaster, your budget, and the type of image you want to convey. Promotional coasters are available in paper, card stock, metals, plastic, stoneware, and both faux and real leather.

One of the most common uses for promotional coasters is in bars and restaurants where drinks are often served with a square or round coaster bearing the name and logo of a beer, liquor, or soft drink. These coasters are usually made of pressed paper or card stock and are extremely affordable. They are intended to be used for only a short period of time before being replaced and are generally ink-printed, so a vast array of color and style options are available. They also may be available in recycled or recyclable materials.

Plastic and acrylic promotional coasters are usually a quality and price step above pressed paper. These can be simple printed or etched pieces, or be complex items that feature a "floating" logo sandwiched between two layers of material. Other items, such as fluid or glitter, can also be placed between the layers. These coasters are popular with college bookstores and sports teams.

The pricing and quality of stoneware promotional coasters can vary significantly depending on the quality and print method. These coasters have the advantage of absorbing liquids, but may break more easily than other materials. They can usually be ink-printed in any color and are popular across a wide range of sectors.

Leather and metal coasters are usually etched, embossed, or laser engraved. They generally appear more upscale, and you can expect to pay more for these types of coasters; some lower-end options are available, however. You might also have limitations on the available colors, imprint colors, and level of design detail. These options are often reserved for substantial corporate clients or, in the case of a non-profit organization, for very generous donors.

A final consideration is the size of the coaster. Many people consider only full-sized table coasters, but if you don't intend to use them in a bar or restaurant, you might consider car coasters. These small discs are designed to fit inside an automobile cup holder and can be a unique, affordable change from traditional coasters.

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