How Do I Choose the Best Professional Trumpet?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann
New professional trumpets generally cost at least $1,000 US Dollars.
New professional trumpets generally cost at least $1,000 US Dollars.

For musicians who want to invest in a high quality trumpet that sounds considerably better than lower end models, many choose to buy a professional trumpet. The main difference between a professional trumpet and cheaper varieties is the level of craftsmanship and longer lifespan. Since this is a significant investment, it's important for a musician to follow several guidelines to find the best possible professional trumpet. These include choosing a trumpet type, considering cost, inspecting a potential trumpet and testing it.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a professional trumpet is which type is preferable. For example, there are regular trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns. The main difference between regular trumpets and the other varieties lies in the sound. Regular trumpets have a normal tone, while cornets tend to have a richer sound and flugelhorns have a softer sound. Along with this, flugelhorns are generally more difficult to play and are designed for experienced musicians.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the cost. While this may be a bigger issue for some people than others, it's important to find the best quality trumpet at a reasonable price. In most cases, a brand new professional trumpet will cost at least $1,000 US Dollars (USD). When buying a used instrument, the price can vary substantially. Regardless of buying new or used, it's smart to look at several different instruments before making a choice. This way an individual can compare multiple instruments, and better determine a fair price for the selection available.

It's also advised to ensure that each potential trumpet is of high quality and void of defects. For example, each instrument should be visually inspected to make sure that there aren't any major dents or scratches. These types of flaws could jeopardize the sound quality of a professional trumpet and should be avoided. In addition, the valves should be inspected to make sure that they aren't overly loose.

If possible, the musician should also test each potential trumpet before purchasing it. Playing some scales should help to get an idea of the overall sound quality and determine if it feels right. It's also advisable to bring along one's old trumpet so that the sound quality of the two trumpets can be compared. If there are no noticeable problems with the sound quality, the instrument feels comfortable and the valves move smoothly, the chances are good that the person has found a quality professional trumpet.

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    • New professional trumpets generally cost at least $1,000 US Dollars.
      By: Mr Twister
      New professional trumpets generally cost at least $1,000 US Dollars.