How do I Choose the Best Professional Massage Tables?

Christina Hall
Christina Hall
A man getting a massage on a table.
A man getting a massage on a table.

Shopping around for a professional massage table can be simple if you understand some important variables. The best professional massage tables are durable and have compatible features that coincide with the modality of the intended practice. When shopping for professional massage tables, it is important to compare the price and quality of the equipment and to take into account the demographics of the intended client base. There are many materials to choose from, and selecting the appropriate combination will help ensure that the practitioner will be satisfied with the table.

Choosing the best massage table for the intended environment for practice is important. Portable professional massage tables are popular because they can be easily transported to and from a client’s house, work place, or desired outdoor location. Standard fixed massage tables are generally more durable but are heavy and sometimes cannot be moved from the place of their installation. When shopping for a portable massage table, the weight is oftentimes the most important factor to consider. The average weight is between 29 and 34 lbs. (13 to 15.4 kg), and choosing a table on the lower end of the scale will ensure that the equipment will be easy to carry to and from a location.

Most professional massage tables are made with hard wood, but some aluminum frame models are available. Aluminum is more suitable for use in humid areas or in loactions where the table might be exposed to water. Many professional massage tables are eco-friendly and constructed from responsibly-managed woods and non-toxic plastics. Another factor to consider before purchasing massage equipment is the specific procedures that will be performed on the surface. For example, modalities like shiatsu massage need a relatively hard surface to be practiced, whereas Swedish massage usually employs a more padded one.

Accessories available for professional massage tables vary, but there are some that are basic to performing an adequate massage. Most massage techniques require proper stabilization of the limbs and the head. Taller clients will need a longer table, and heavier clients may need a table that is wider. When choosing which massage table to buy, it is important to carefully consider the quality of accessories including the face cradle, arm supports, and additional bolsters. If the practitioner intends to work with special populations like pregnant women and the elderly, she might need to purchase additional support structures.

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    • A man getting a massage on a table.
      By: dgmata
      A man getting a massage on a table.