How Do I Choose the Best Professional Blender?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Professional blenders may have certain specialities.
Professional blenders may have certain specialities.

Whether you want a long-lasting blender for your home or need a durable product for your business, a professional blender is often a good choice. One of the first details to think about is whether you will mostly blend food, drinks or both, because some blenders specialize. The volume of the attached container is also important, as is the size of the entire appliance since you need to have enough room in your kitchen or bar. You should also take into account the material of the blender's container, because you may need a jug that is particularly durable or able to maintain the temperature of the blended items.

Consider the items you will typically be blending, because some blenders have certain specialties. For example, if you own a bar, or just enjoy making blended drinks at home, a professional blender that specializes in crushing ice and blending liquids may be best. This type of blender often only needs a few speeds, which means you may save some money. If you plan to blend food, then it is often best to buy a professional blender with several speeds that accommodate the varying consistencies of food items. Some blenders include attachments that allow them to double as food processors and choppers, allowing you to use this tool both behind the bar and in the kitchen.

Many professional blenders are larger than the average type intended for the home, because most commercial blenders range from 32 ounces (about 946 ml) to more than 64 ounces (about 1,893 ml). Before choosing a size, consider the amount of food or drink you will need to blend at one time. If, for example, bar customers often order a few frozen margaritas at the same time, a large blender may be wise. If this rarely happens, or you have little space in your bar or kitchen, a smaller professional blender is often best. If you usually need to blend large amounts of substances at one time but have little extra space, a hand blender may be best because you can place it directly into a pot or bowl of food instead of using a separate container.

Another detail to think about before buying a professional blender is the material of the container. Many are made of glass but, if you own a bar that is often crowded or plan to use it around small children at home, there is a high risk that the container will be knocked over at some point. To avoid having to clean up shattered glass and then having to purchase a new container, consider opting for a professional blender that has a plastic jug. If you plan to blend products that need to stay either hot or cold, you should consider a blender with a stainless steel container, because this material is known for better maintaining the temperature of the blended item.

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    • Professional blenders may have certain specialities.
      By: venusangel
      Professional blenders may have certain specialities.