How do I Choose the Best Probiotic Drinks?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

When choosing probiotic drinks, there are several important factors which must be considered including the company making the product, the expected shelf life of the drink, and the type of probiotics the beverage contains. In most cases, these drinks are believed to be safe and effective for everyone, and some drinks are made exclusively with probiotics for children. Several health benefits are connected to consuming probiotic drinks, such as boosting the immune system, regulating the digestive system, and treating common digestive complaints such as diarrhea. Probiotic smoothies, especially those specifically chosen for certain probiotics, have been used to treat thrush and bloating as well. Experts suggest carefully reviewing the types of probiotics in the beverage to select the correct one for the person's needs.

Probiotic smoothies can be made in a household blender.
Probiotic smoothies can be made in a household blender.

The reputation and experience of the manufacturing company is very important when choosing probiotic drinks. In most cases, these companies will have information posted on their websites or promotional pamphlets outlining their findings in regards to the effectiveness of certain types of probiotics for specific health concerns, and how the company formulates its products. It is common for information regarding the beneficial effects of probiotics on resisting acidity and excessive salt bile in the stomach to be included as well. Many people choose to consult their doctor or pharmacist for suggestions on which brand of probiotic drinks to purchase.

Kombucha is a probiotic drink.
Kombucha is a probiotic drink.

It is not unusual for consumers to purchase probiotic smoothies and drinks in large quantities to save money and for convenience. When that is the case, it is imperative to choose a probiotic product that has a long shelf life. High quality probiotics and other ingredients do not need to be refrigerated before opening, providing the product has a stable shelf life. Some probiotic drinks can also be found stored cold in convenience stores and other retail venues. This is for convenience, and is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of the product.

Many people also consider the probiotic types found in the drink when choosing the correct option. Different conditions and disorders can be improved with the consumption of specific probiotics. The consumer is advised to learn about which probiotics are best suited for their needs and choose a product accordingly. As a general rule, it is suggested that probiotic drinks contain no more than one billion microorganisms per serving. Products consumed after the recommended date may not be as effective as it was at the time of manufacturing.

Smoothies made with yogurt can supply essential probiotics to the digestive system.
Smoothies made with yogurt can supply essential probiotics to the digestive system.

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I don't drink these drinks because they are probiotic drinks, but ginger beer and yogurt smoothies are indeed probiotic drinks and drinking them is a really good way to improve the health of your digestive system naturally.

Ginger beer has very little alcohol, but I like the taste. And since there is so little alcohol in them I can drink them as often as I want. I drink the yogurt smoothies with protein powder to help build muscle when I work out.


@Animandel - If you listen to the TV ads you get the idea that probiotic health is something new. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of probiotic foods that have been around forever. For this reason, you should consider adding more of these foods to your diet in place of the probiotic drinks and probiotic supplements.

However, if you decide to continue to try the drinks then proceed with caution. This article makes a good point about reading as much as possible about the particular probiotic drinks before you choose one.


After hearing so much about probiotics lately, I just had to learn more about them. There is this one commercial that keeps playing over an over on TV. In the ad, there is a sports announcer/reporter telling us how good probiotics are for our bodies. After seeing the commercial about 100 times, I began to wonder whether there was anything to these miracle probiotics.

Let me just say that I tried one brand of the probiotic drinks and I simple got a really bad case of diarrhea. A friend told me I need to shop around rather than buying the first brand I see, so I'm going to do a little more research and try again.

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