How do I Choose the Best Portable Solar Battery Charger?

G. Wiesen

When looking for the best portable solar battery charger for your needs, you should consider the types of devices and batteries you may want to charge and how portable you want your charger to be. There are chargers that can be used to charge a number of different types of batteries, though many chargers can also be used directly with different types of devices, such as mobile phones, portable media players, and even laptop computers. The way in which the battery charger is designed for portability can also have a tremendous impact on the type of charger that would work best for you.

Rechargeable batteries are often NiCd batteries.
Rechargeable batteries are often NiCd batteries.

A portable solar battery charger is a device that converts solar power, typically through the use of solar panels, into an electric current that can be used to charge batteries and other electronic devices. These devices can vary a great deal in size and in how they are designed to function, though in general they tend to use similar technology. They are often used for camping and hiking, to allow portable electronic devices to function for a longer time.

One way to decide on the best portable solar battery charger for you is to consider the types of batteries or devices you may want to charge. Some chargers can work with specific types of batteries, and you should look for a device that can charge the batteries you will likely need. You can also find some devices that may be able to work with different types of rechargeable batteries, usually through several different connections.

A portable solar battery charger can also potentially be used to provide a charge to a battery in a mobile device, such as a laptop computer or a mobile phone. These chargers often include attachments to connect to different devices, and you should look for one that can charge the specific devices you know you will use. You should also look for a charger that will provide enough of a charge for your device, though this will depend on the specific requirements of your device.

It can also be helpful to look at the different ways in which a portable solar battery charger can be transported, to see just how portable it really is. Some chargers consist of fairly small, but rigid, flat panels to receive solar power, which may make them a bit difficult to carry when hiking or backpacking. Other chargers are made using flexible materials and segmented solar panels, allowing the panels to roll up for easier storage. There are also pocket devices that open to expose multiple solar panels for charging, and then close to fit comfortably in your pocket.

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