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How do I Choose the Best Portable Battery Charger?

Dave Slovak
Dave Slovak

Portable battery chargers provide many electronics owners with peace of mind and the flexibility to work remotely or travel without having to worry about the battery life of favorite electronic devices. Most devices are shipped with power cords and adapters, but one of the problems with owning many electronic devices is that you can find yourself with several bulky cords and adapters. Many people purchase portable battery chargers that resolve this issue by providing one device that can charge multiple devices. When looking for a portable battery charger, you should try to find a device that is compatible with all of your electronics that may need charging. In addition, look for a device that is safe, portable, and provides good value based on price and functionality.

Although safety is often the most important criteria for any device, issues of safety will never come into play if that device is unusable. When searching for a portable battery charger, look for one that provides all of the necessary adapter tips to properly connect to your electronic devices. Some devices support all models of laptop computer while some support all models of cellular phone. The best charger will support several devices. To eliminate the risk of damaging your electronic device or its battery, you should also consult the owner’s manuals for each of your devices to ensure that the amount of amperage and voltage supplied by the charger is acceptable.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

After ensuring that the portable battery charger is compatible with all of your devices, check the device for safety features. A good charger will have built-in overload protection to make sure that the devices are never overcharged, sent too much electricity or short-circuited. These safety features are important and can prevent permanent damage to expensive electronics. In addition, these safety measures can alleviate any concerns about fire hazards that are possible with incompatible or inferior chargers. Keep in mind that the chargers some companies advertise as being able to fully charge your electronics in under an hour may be unsafe or potentially damaging.

After reviewing the charger’s compatibility and safety features, analyze the portability of the device. Although this may sound obvious, the point of buying a portable battery charger is to be able to take it anywhere to charge your electronic devices. If the charger is large, bulky or heavy, it may be difficult to transport and use. In addition to being portable, it should be very easy to use so that you can quickly pack and unpack the charger, connect your electronic devices, and have them charging within a minute or two.

Finally, consider cost. Most expensive is not always better, and cheaper does not always indicate good value. Find the right combination of features at the price that is within your budget when making a purchase.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer