How do I Choose the Best Pool Fence?

Ken Black

A pool fence is not only a good idea for most people who own homes with pools, it is a requirement in many jurisdictions. Choosing the proper pool fencing depends on a number of different factors, only a few of which relate to local regulations. In some cases, the typical backyard fencing will not be appropriate for a pool fence.

A pool fence can keep small children away from the water.
A pool fence can keep small children away from the water.

For example, a good pool fence is one that cannot be climbed. Therefore, a chain link fence cannot be used as a pool fence. While the fence is cheap and does a good job of protecting property in most cases, it cannot discourage a child who really wants to get into the pool. Safety is of primary importance.

If chain link cannot be used, some people may then turn to a wooden fence. While a wooden fence may be acceptable in some cases, it should be noted that a wooden privacy fence, or any other sort of privacy fence, should not be used as a pool fence. This is because there still needs to be a view of the pool from the home or other structure. Without this view, it is impossible to tell what is going on at the pool site.

Most people choose to have some sort of metal, or perhaps heavy duty vinyl, as a pool fence. As the job is mainly to stop toddlers from gaining unauthorized access to the pool, it should at least be four feet (1.2 meters) high. The opening between slats should be no greater than four inches (10 cm). Finding pool fencing that meets these qualifications is very important.

If these requirements are meant, then choosing the best pool fence comes down to a matter of personal preference. Those preferences may be related to cost, maintenance and other issues. Many choose vinyl not only because of the costs associated with it, but the reduced maintenance costs as well. Together, it can make for a very attractive product.

For those who do not like installing a fence, choosing a pool fence that includes installation, or at least a retailer who offers installation for an additional fee, may be important. Most pool supply retailers, if they do not offer pool fences, will at least be able to recommend some good options for your area. However, the buyer should beware. In some cases, the pool supply shop may be paid to recommend certain businesses.

For those who can install a fence, pool fencing should not present any significant challenges. However, there are some other things to consider. For example, objects that could be used to climb over the fence should be kept at least three feet (1 meter) from the fenced area.

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Most pool codes actually dictate a 54" height with at least 45" between horizontal members (climbable), as noted above gates have to be self-closing and self latching, but also should swing out away from the pool.


I personally don't like glass pool fencing because cleaning it is awful. Mesh pool fences are specifically made for pools and they look nice too. Choose the one that has no top cross bar so the child is unable to climb over the fence. A pool fence should have a self-closing, self-latching gate.

The price of the pool fence should not be the first thing you look at. The safety of your children should be your concern. Pick the best pool fence.


Glass pool fencing is a fantastic and stylish alternative for pool fencing. There are different types of fencing - fully framed, semi frameless and frameless. It is child safe (as it cannot be climbed) and there are many companies who can install it for you.

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