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How do I Choose the Best Plyometric Boxes?

Micki Elizabeth
Micki Elizabeth

Finding the best plyometric boxes for each individual depends on a number of factors. First, the intended use must be determined. Then, a person may decide on which shape and style of equipment they prefer. Various features, such as the ability to adjust the height of a box, should be considered. Finally, all users should examine the safety of a box before purchasing and using it.

It is important to understand the options in style that one has when choosing plyometric boxes. Most manufacturers offer two main types. One common style consists of a metal frame with a solid top. Many people like this style because of portability, sturdiness, and ease of storage.

Another option is a wooden cube. This type is sometimes cheaper than a metal frame and should be just as reliable. Some wooden plyometric boxes have six sides; others have only five sides.

Woman doing yoga
Woman doing yoga

For many people, a single, non-adjustable box may be sufficient when beginning with plyometrics. For those who feel that they need only one piece of equipment, both the metal and the wooden box are good options. Beginners may benefit from a box that has closed, slanted sides. This slanted shape relieves stress on the legs if one does not clear the jump and, instead, hits the side of the box with the feet.

Some athletes may feel that multiple boxes are necessary in order to set up a kind of obstacle course. Therefore, they may wish to look at boxes that will stack on top of one another for easy storage. One might also consider looking for multiple plyometric boxes that come in sets in order to potentially save money.

Buying several plyometric boxes can become costly. Another option to consider is a box with adjustable height. Various models allow the user to increase or decrease the height of a single box in increments. Others come with a few preset heights to choose from that can be changed at any time.

Still other adjustable plyometric boxes come in a set of two or more individual boxes. Each box can then be used separately, or it can be secured on top of one another to add height. Regardless of which adjustable model one chooses, it is important to make sure that the locking mechanism is solid and sturdy.

The safety of plyometric boxes should also be taken into account when choosing the best equipment. A box should stay in place during an individual’s workout. Therefore, the bottom of a box should be able to grip the ground so that it stays put during use. Furthermore, the part of the box on which an individual lands is sometimes covered in a non-slip material in order to prevent slipping.

One can purchase plyometric boxes from reputable manufacturers. Customer reviews can help guide one in his decision. Another option is to build boxes at home for a fraction of the cost. If one chooses this endeavor, one should follow instructions carefully or seek the help of a professional carpenter.

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    • Woman doing yoga
      Woman doing yoga