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How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Socks?

Cindy Quarters
Cindy Quarters

Plus size socks are made with extra room to accommodate larger individuals. These socks can be extra long, for tall people, but usually plus size socks have more space in either the foot, the leg, or both. The term “plus size” generally refers to women’s clothing, while larger men buy “big and tall” garments, but in socks it may refer to either. Choosing the best plus size socks involves understanding an individual's needs, carefully reading descriptions on packaging, physically examining them, and choosing an appropriate fabric and weight.

Choosing socks is fundamentally the same for either a man or a woman. One important step is to identify the specific sock qualities necessary to an individual. People that have very large feet need plus size socks that offer an extra long and extra wide foot area. This is quite common in large socks, especially those made for men. The leg portion is often the same size as a standard sock, so this variety will not work for everybody.

Plus size athletic socks should offer a lot of cushioning and extra space in the foot.
Plus size athletic socks should offer a lot of cushioning and extra space in the foot.

When choosing plus size socks that reach or extend over the calf, leg size can be very important. Even socks that only reach ankle height can disrupt circulation if they are too tight. Carefully reading the packaging for a description of the socks can be extremely helpful. Look for descriptions that specifically mention larger dimensions.

Physical examination of plus size socks can give the best measure of true size. Stretching the top to see how much room it has, without overstretching, can give a good indication of the amount of leg room it provides. Trying socks on, if possible, is the very best way to check for a comfortable fit. The foot length should be appropriate to the size of the sock and should closely match the person’s foot. The leg portion should fit snugly, but not tightly, on the leg.

The final considerations for choosing the best plus size socks are color, design, fabric and weight. All of these things are a matter of personal preference, but they can impact the quality as well. Color and design have no bearing on the quality of socks, but when choosing socks it’s best to look for those that offer the most options in these areas. Fabric weight and type should be suitable for the socks’ intended purpose, with athletic socks offering a lot of cushioning in the foot and dress socks being made from high-quality, durable material.

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I like socks with a fair percentage of spandex, so I know they will stretch like I want them to. I want my socks to fit all up and down my legs so they won't creep down my legs and get bunched up in my shoes. That's extremely uncomfortable.

I had an experience like that at a music festival, where my socks kept creeping down into my shoes and I'd have to stop every so often and fix them. That was annoying, so I always try to avoid socks that are "creepers." Even if they're inexpensive, it's not money well spent if I have to stop every ten minutes to pull them out of my shoes and back up over my ankles.


Plus size socks are sometimes hard to find, except in stores that specialize in plus size clothing.

The main feature I look for is for socks that are wide enough through the calf and at the top so they don't cut into my leg. I like to stay with the same manufacturers so I know what to expect.

I can wear regular ankle socks because I don't have large ankles, but I do like plus size trouser socks for certain. They just fit better.

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    • Plus size athletic socks should offer a lot of cushioning and extra space in the foot.
      By: AlessandroContadin
      Plus size athletic socks should offer a lot of cushioning and extra space in the foot.