How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Jumpsuit?

T. Alaine
T. Alaine
Woman posing
Woman posing

When choosing a plus size jumpsuit, it is best to follow some of the established tips for plus sized dressing as well as some specific guideline for jumpsuits. Look for high quality fabrics that will keep their shape and stay flattering, and colors or prints that will look streamlined, not overwhelming. The cut of a plus size jumpsuit is particularly important; you should generally look for a wide leg, cinched waist, and open neckline with thick, supportive straps.

Since a jumpsuit can be a bold, attention-grabbing garment, make sure to select a version that is particularly flattering to your plus sized figure. Curvy women are usually advised to wear monochromatic outfits in rich, dark colors to lengthen the look of the body and create a slimming effect. This is a good guideline for plus size dressing in general, but especially applied to selecting a plus size jumpsuit. Prints that are very large or colorful will break up the lines of your figure and make the body seem larger, and they can also be distracting on a jumpsuit since it will cover so much of your body.

Fabric type is an important element of choosing the best plus size jumpsuit. Clingy materials that lie limply against the skin will highlight problem areas, but high-quality, structured fabrics will hold their shape and flatter your curves. Draping can be a powerful asset for plus size women since it can strategically camouflage bumpy areas, but too much draping or pleating can add extra volume and make you appear larger. Soft, breathable fabrics are also beneficial because feeling relaxed and comfortable has the potential to really boost your confidence in your outfit.

Typically, a plus size jumpsuit should feature a cinched in waist, or one that is susceptible to the addition of a belt. Cinching at or slightly above the waist highlights your smallest part and will create an alluring hourglass figure. Adding a belt slightly above the waist will make your legs look longer while also creating a curvy silhouette. Long, wide legs on your plus size jumpsuit will make you look tall, slim, and well-proportioned; if you plan to wear your jumpsuit with high heels make sure your style has a couple of extra inches at the ankles.

Neckline is also important when choosing a plus size jumpsuit. Full figured women are usually most flattered by open necklines such as a wide scoop or v-neck; these options make the neck look longer and can be as modest or bold as you wish. Long sleeves should be avoided, particularly if your jumpsuit has long legs, because showing a little skin will balance out the look and keep your outfit from overwhelming your body. Short sleeves are a good option, as are thick, supportive straps or a halter that fastens behind the neck.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing