How do I Choose the Best Plastic Cupboard?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Mops can be stored in a plastic cupboard.
Mops can be stored in a plastic cupboard.

To choose the best plastic cupboard, select one that is equipped to suit all your needs. For instance, if you need to store various small items that should be separated by category, choose a plastic cupboard with multiple drawers. If you prefer portability, pick a portable cupboard or storage container on wheels. If you plan on storing your plastic cupboard outdoors, select one that is constructed of waterproof material.

If you have a large pantry, you may wish to purchase a free-standing storage unit. Be certain the cabinet you select will fit in the space you want to place it in. This type of plastic cupboard may feature a few shelves of different sizes to store your pantry supplies. If you need to store mops and brooms as well as canned items, choose a plastic cupboard or cabinet that includes a slender vertical enclosure on the side of the unit.

Many storage cupboards come in various heights as well. Consider a short plastic cupboard if you are not very tall, or if you have difficulty reaching overhead. Otherwise, you may need the use of a ladder to reach the top shelf. Also keep in mind that you may not be able to store as many items in a cupboard that is not very tall.

Consider whether you prefer shelves or drawers. You may need to choose one or the other when making your selection. Some plastic cupboards combine both shelves and drawers, however. If you are using the plastic cupboard to store cans and large items, shelves will probably be necessary. Drawers are helpful for small and lightweight items such as can openers and small kitchen utensils.

Plastic cupboards for the garage may feature caster wheels. This is convenient for moving the cabinet around during various household chores. These types of cupboards may also double as a mobile tool box.

Some cabinets and cupboards may require assembly. If this is a concern for you, inquire what tools may be necessary for the task. Some cupboards may be assembled with no tools, so you may want to consider this type.

Also consider if the plastic material is easily cleaned. A surface that can be wiped clean with soap and water is virtually maintenance free. One that has a surface that easily scratches may require special care.

Another option to consider is color. You may find a plastic cupboard or cabinet with a clear, almost transparent appearance. Other styles may be available in various colors to match your room decor.

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    • Mops can be stored in a plastic cupboard.
      By: arenaphotouk
      Mops can be stored in a plastic cupboard.