How Do I Choose the Best Pita Bread Maker?

Janis Adams

Pita bread, which has roots in the cuisine of the Middle East, is a wheat-based flat bread that is popular throughout the world. A pita bread maker allows a cook to have fresh bread without all the work that is associated with making it from scratch. Knowing the features different models offer will aid you in determining which model will best fit your needs. Some things to consider include how much pita bread you will need to make at a time, how much space you have for the pita bread maker and how much money you are willing to spend.

Pita bread.
Pita bread.

Also known as a flat bread machine, a pita bread maker is a much more complicated device than a traditional bread maker. For this reason, many people who are in search of pita bread makers will choose traditional bread makers and use them to make pita dough. After the dough is ready, they will then fashion the pitas by hand and then either bake or fry them.

Pitas generally have two layers that present a pocket after baking.
Pitas generally have two layers that present a pocket after baking.

A pita bread maker has a mixer that allows for all the ingredients for the flat bread to be added and then made into dough. It also has a divider that portions out the dough. The dough is then flattened by the machine and put through a baking process. Many times, the machine will have a tunnel oven and then a conveyor for cooling the bread. Having this full-service device requires ample space for its use.

Some brands offer a full-size version as well as a compact machine. Knowing which will best suit your needs will help you figure out which type to choose. The compact size not only is smaller, it also produces less bread than the full-size version.

The most elemental pita bread maker is a pita pan. The pan comes with a removable lid, which is used to cover the base, the rack and the heating element. This version will require more work from the cook than some of the other versions will, because the dough must be made by hand before the pan is used to cook the bread. This version is the least expensive, so if cost is of the greatest consideration, this is the model for you. This model does offer the possibility of cooking things other than just pita bread, such as a pizza.

Each type of pita bread maker differs greatly in price and the space required to use it. To make the best choice for you and your cooking needs, before making a purchase, determine what your space limits are. Also, set a price ceiling for your purchase of a pita bread maker. Doing this before making a purchase will help ensure that you will be a satisfied customer.

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