How do I Choose the Best Pine Cupboard?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

To begin choosing the best pine cupboard, decide what your needs are and what you will be using the cupboard for. Make the decision as to whether a freestanding cupboard will suit your needs, or if a hanging cupboard, like kitchen cupboards, will work best. Once you have decided what type of pine cupboard you are looking for, research as much as possible about the best types of pine, the best cabinets, and the general pricing of the types of cupboards you will be purchasing. When you are ready to purchase, research several different retail outlets at which you can purchase the cupboard you need.

A pine cupboard that will be used in the kitchen is most often mounted to a wall, though freestanding units can also be used. Units that are mounted to the wall often feature several cupboards rather than just one, and the inside of the cupboards have shelves. When choosing such cupboards, it is important to consider aesthetics and strength: some pine features a significant amount of knots, or hard curls of wood where branches grew from the trunk of the pine tree; this type of pine is sometimes known as knotty pine, and it is often difficult to build cabinets from such wood. Less knots make for a smoother appearance that is less rustic.

Pine can be finished to appear light in color or much darker. Consider the finish carefully, as it will have a significant impact both on the appearance of the pine cupboard and on the appearance of the rest of the room, particularly if several cupboards will be mounted to the kitchen wall. If you are considering an antique cupboard for aesthetics, be sure the finish is not damaged. If it is damaged, consider how much it will cost to get the unit repaired. Like other types of cupboards, be sure the antique is solidly constructed and stable, and if the cupboard will need refurbishing, be sure to account for such costs in your budget.

The strength and construction of the pine cupboard will be especially important, particularly on freestanding units. The freestanding pine cupboard should be stable and should not wobble when force is applied to it. Remember that such cupboards are often used for display purposes, so fine china or other fragile items can break easily if the unit wobbles. Hanging cupboards should be well-constructed, and doors should be fastened to the cupboard shell with high-quality hinges that will not loosen over time.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book