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How Do I Choose the Best Perfume Gift Set?

B. Leslie Baird
B. Leslie Baird

Perfume gift sets are available in a wide assortment of sizes and combinations of fragranced products. Choosing the best one often depends on several factors, which can include the budget available for the gift, the age and gender of the recipient, and the type of fragrance. Other choices in a perfume gift set may also involve a variety of gift-giving occasions, and the types of the products included in the package. The most important factor is usually to ensure that the recipient does not have any fragrance allergies before the gift is given.

Determining the budget for the gift, or the amount of money that can be spent, is helpful in narrowing down the available gift options. A perfume gift set can typically be purchased for as little as less than $10 US Dollars (USD) to well over $100 USD. Prices normally depend on the type and amount of products in the set. If the gift-giving occasion will occur after a major holiday, taking advantage of post-season sales can result in significant savings.

A bottle of perfume.
A bottle of perfume.

The age and gender of the intended recipient can be an important part of selecting the best perfume gift set. These factors usually also influence the type of fragrance chosen. For instance, young girls and teenagers may enjoy lighter fragrances, while heavier scents may be more appropriate for grown women. Females might prefer a cologne or after-bath spray packaged with a lotion. Men and teen boys often appreciate an after-shave and cologne combination.

Occasions for gift-giving may also factor into the chosen perfume gift set. If the occasion is a gift exchange with an unknown recipient, choosing a light cologne spray with a fragrance-matching lotion, or even a candle, could make an excellent gift choice. For major holidays or significant life events, a more extensive set would be appropriate for a friend or relative. Packages may also have items included that are specific to a particular holiday, such as heart-shaped soaps for Valentine's Day.

Gift sets vary in the type of products included in the package. Perfumes generally contain the highest concentration of essential fragrance oils. The concentration of the oils make the product last longer on the individual using the fragrance. Colognes and after-bath sprays usually contain the least amount of oils and require application throughout the day. Fragranced powders and body lotions offer the user an opportunity to add layers of a favorite scent.

An individual perfume gift set could include a small bottle of perfume with a matching cologne and body lotion. A variation might offer cologne with a bath oil and dusting powder. Men’s sets may include a cologne and after-shave lotion or splash. Gift sets can be fully personalized by selecting individual products and adding them to a basket or container, wrapped with a bow.

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    • A bottle of perfume.
      By: Kayros Studio
      A bottle of perfume.