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How do I Choose the Best Pedicure Supplies?

B. Miller
B. Miller

If you will be working as a nail technician at a salon, or opening your own business, it will generally be necessary to purchase your own pedicure supplies. An established salon will frequently already have pedicure tools, or will be able to recommend a supplier from which to purchase new supplies. Otherwise, you may begin choosing the best pedicure supplies by doing your own research, asking other technicians for recommendations, and searching online.

Some of the things you may need to purchase include a pedicure chair, nail clippers, nail files, foot buffers, a foot bath, foot lotion, cuticle pushers and cuticle cream, and many different nail polish colors. Each of these items may be ordered from a business supplier or purchased online. Although it may be more expensive to purchase high-quality items, it will usually pay off over the long term, because they will not need to be replaced as frequently.

A woman getting a pedicure.
A woman getting a pedicure.

When choosing pedicure supplies, it is generally recommended that nail technicians use stainless steel tools. These are sturdy and hold up well over time, and are also very easy to sterilize. These may include nail clippers or foot files. For tools that must be soft, such as cuticle pushers or nail files, it is generally better to purchase these items in bulk, so that it is not necessary to use the same tools more than once for each customer.

Nail polish remover.
Nail polish remover.

A foot bath should be easy to sterilize as well, and it is one of the most important pedicure supplies. It should also be easy to fill with water or to move around as needed. A pedicure chair should be comfortable and feature any additional capabilities that you deem necessary, such as the ability to recline or even offer heat or a back massage. The chair will likely be the most important purchase when selecting pedicure supplies, but if you work in a salon, it may not be necessary to purchase the chair yourself.

Toenails with a French pedicure.
Toenails with a French pedicure.

Select foot lotions and cuticle creams that are thick and rich, offering excellent moisturization and a pleasant scent. You will also need to choose nail polishes in a wide variety of colors so customers may choose anything they want. Reds and pinks are the most popular, as well as white for the look of a French manicure. It will be necessary to purchase nail polish remover as well. Searching online can be a great way to find ideas for other pedicure supplies, such as nail stickers or decorations, and may be a great way to find deals on supplies as well.

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I love to have choices and know that my customers like that as well. I think one of the most pampering things about a pedicure is the lotion or cream you use on their feet.

Some people are very sensitive to fragrance and request something that is unscented. Others love a scent, but have certain scents that are their favorites.

Giving them a big selection to choose from is something they enjoy. Some will use the same one every time, and others love to try something new.

Many of them will buy whatever I have in the salon to use on their feet at home between pedicures. There are many home pedicure supplies a person can buy and give themselves a pedicure at home.

While this is an option for many people, most of my clients love being pampered and having someone else do this for them.


When it comes to purchasing manicure and pedicure supplies that you use over and over again, making sure they are easy to clean and sterilize is extremely important.

I always buy stainless steel supplies. These cost a little bit more, but are much easier to keep clean. It is very easy for germs and bacteria to grow if these are not thoroughly cleaned between each use.

If you use any kind of foot bath, it is just as important to keep this clean. I know of one salon where their clients were getting infections because their equipment was not being properly cleaned.

This is not good for the customer or for business, and is one of the quickest ways I know to lose your business or be put out of business.


At the nail salon where I work, we have pedicure slippers available for the customer to purchase.

These are a minimal expense, but are really nice if they are going to be walking around at all during their stay at the salon.

Many of them will purchase a pair of these and bring them with them when they come back in the next time.

They won't last for a long time, but you can get a few uses out of them if you want to, or throw them away when you are done. They are a great way to keep your feet clean and just look like a thin flip flop.

They are also great to wear when you are leaving the salon instead of leaving with your feet and toenails covered up.


This might sound like a pretty simple thing, but pedicure toe spacers are a must whenever I give a pedicure. These help keep the toes separated so polish doesn't get on the skin around each toe.

These are only used one time for each customer. When I am doing this myself at home, I have some that I use over and over again, but at work they are disposable.

When it comes to manicure and pedicure supplies, some of them can be used for both, but there are other supplies that you would specifically want for pedicures.

It doesn't take a major investment to get the supplies you need to give pedicures. The items that are more expensive will last you a long time.

The other items that you run out of on a frequent basis such as polish and cuticle sticks can be replaced as you get low and have need for them.


I buy most of my manicure and pedicure supplies at a local beauty store. I am in there almost every week, and have been able to purchase a lot of items I use every week on sale.

I have a small business I run from my home, and was surprised at how well received the pedicure services are.

When I first opened, I only offered manicures, but began getting so many requests for pedicures that I added that to my list of services.

There is just something about getting your feet pampered that many people love.

I like to give my clients many choices when it comes to the color of their polish. I also have a lot of decals and accessories that go along with the polish.

There are also a large number of young girls who will have a pedicure done, so I also keep some supplies that the younger girls enjoy wearing on their toenails.


@alisha-- I agree with what @simrin said and with everything mentioned in the article.

I just want to add that a polish dryer and footrests are necessary too. Some salons don't have polish driers for the feet but they should because not everyone can go to the salon in sandals. People are usually rushed out of the salon when their pedicure is done if it's a busy day and the polish can get ruined if it's not dry. A polish dryer solves that problem.

Footrests are also a must because you can't put your freshly cleaned feet on the floor while the technician cuts and files nails.

For nail polish, I think you should stick to good quality, well known brands. You don't need to have a million colors, or really unique ones. But having one or two of all the basic shades is a good idea.


@alisha-- I don't have a salon or work in one but I get pedicures a lot and there are several products that my salon uses which I love.

The first is aromatherapy essences and oils to put in the foot bath. These smell so good and they help soften the feet too. I feel so relaxed when they add it to my foot bath.

The other products I like are exfoliation scrubs, preferably with natural ingredients like sea salt or seaweed. And lotion is also really important. Some salons buy cheap pedicure supplies on wholesale. Those lotions don't work well though because they're too runny. The scent is not that important for me, but I do want a lotion that moisturizes well.

You might also want to keep around some additional things like callus removing gels and creams and pumice stones or razors for people with feet problems.


I'm a professional makeup artist and have a store for makeup and skin care. I'm thinking of adding pedicure services because a lot of people mentioned that they would enjoy having a pedicure during their facials.

I've already researched into pedicure chairs and foot baths. But I'm not sure which other extra products I should keep around for my customers. I'm planning to offer regular pedicure sessions and if anyone wants anything extra, like massage, we will make a custom session for them.

Aside from basics like nail cutters and files, which other professional pedicure supplies do you think I should buy?

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    • A woman getting a pedicure.
      By: Yuri Arcurs
      A woman getting a pedicure.
    • Nail polish remover.
      By: travis manley
      Nail polish remover.
    • Toenails with a French pedicure.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      Toenails with a French pedicure.
    • Nail clippers.
      By: ibphoto
      Nail clippers.
    • Cotton wool pads are used to remove nail polish.
      By: HamsterMan
      Cotton wool pads are used to remove nail polish.
    • Moisturizer for the feet and nails should be included as part of a pedicure.
      By: StockPhotosArt
      Moisturizer for the feet and nails should be included as part of a pedicure.
    • You may choose to purchase an wooden or orange stick in order to push back cuticles.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      You may choose to purchase an wooden or orange stick in order to push back cuticles.
    • A steel nail file may be more suitable than an emery board for filing toenails.
      By: terex
      A steel nail file may be more suitable than an emery board for filing toenails.