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How Do I Choose the Best Party Ball®?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

There are a number of different factors to consider when looking for the best Party Ball®, which is essentially a small, spherical beer keg. Volume is typically the first item to consider, since you may need to buy multiple balls depending on how many guests you expect at your event. The construction material is another important concern, since some beer balls are recyclable, others are meant to be thrown away, and certain designs can be refilled multiple times. Packaging material may be considered too, since some beer balls come in plastic-lined boxes that can be filled with ice. You should also pay close attention to whether a Party Ball® comes with a built-in tap, since beer balls are not typically compatible with regular keg taps.

Beer kegs are large, refillable containers that are often used for parties and other events. There are a number of different sizes, from half kegs that hold 15.5 gallons (about 58 L) to mini kegs that hold about 5 gallons (about 19 L). Beer balls are typically the same size as mini kegs, though that can vary from one brewer to another. The main difference between a Party Ball® and a keg is shape, since beer balls are spherical instead of cylindrical.

Beer kegs are used to store and dispense beer.
Beer kegs are used to store and dispense beer.

When looking for a Party Ball®, you need to take into consideration the type of event you are holding and the number of guests who plan to attend. Beer balls typically contain either 1.5 or 5 gallons (5.7 or 19 L), so you will need to figure out about how much each person will drink. Smaller versions contain about 16 servings of 12 ounces (about 355 ml) each, while the larger ones will provide about 55. The actual number of servings can depend on how warm you let the beer ball get, how much foam is generated with each pour, and other variables.

Another factor to consider when choosing a beer ball is the construction material. If you plan on hosting a lot of events where a Party Ball® would come in handy, then consider buying one that can be refilled. Unlike refillable kegs, which need to be returned within a certain amount of time, refillable party balls can be held on to and refilled any time you need them. If you have no plans to use a beer ball in the future, then a recyclable product may be a better choice.

There are also a few other options you may want to take into account. Most beer balls come with taps, but it is important to verify this before you buy one. Since beer ball taps are typically different from keg taps, you need to make sure that you choose one with the necessary hardware. If you plan on using your Party Ball® at an outdoor event, then you may also want to consider looking for one that comes in a plastic-lined box. This type of box can be filled with ice to keep a beer ball cold, which can reduce foam and also make it more pleasant to drink on a hot day.

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    • Beer kegs are used to store and dispense beer.
      By: Minerva Studio
      Beer kegs are used to store and dispense beer.