How do I Choose the Best Pantry Door Organizer?

Tiffany Manley

Many homes have a pantry that is used to store canned and dry goods. A helpful but sometimes overlooked space to use for storage is the pantry door. Utilizing a pantry door organizer might help you keep your pantry organized and functional. The type of pantry door organizer you use depends on the items needing to be stored and the amount of space you have. When choosing a pantry door organizer, look for one that will hold items in place securely, will hold many items and will hold items of the correct size.

Woman baking cookies
Woman baking cookies

Items need to be held in place securely when they are stored in a pantry door organizer. If they are not, each time the door is opened, you run the risk of your items falling out and possibly breaking. Look for shelves that have high sides to help prevent items from spilling over. Some shelves might even be secured to the door itself, instead of just hanging from it. This can help prevent the shelves from shifting when the door is opened and closed.

A pantry door organizer does not do much good if it cannot hold many items. The purpose of the organizer is to store items, so be sure to look for one that makes efficient use of space. An organizer that runs the full length of the door will provide many spaces to store items. Maximizing the amount of space between the door and the existing pantry shelves might help.

One aspect of organizing is being aware of the exact size of the item that needs to be stored. Knowing the size of the items that you want to store in the organizer can help you ensure that the shelves will hold the items. An organizer that stores spices and sauces will not need to be as deep as an organizer that will store plastic bins of dried goods. Also, make sure that the door shelves will fit between the door and the pantry shelves, or the door will not be able to be closed.

You also need to make sure that your pantry door organizer is functional. Having deep shelves of spices that take a great deal of time to sort through does not provide the type of functional organization that many people desire. Finding a product that balances organization with functionality is key and can save you money in the long run.

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