How do I Choose the Best Outdoor Futon?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen
Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

There are many options to consider when you begin shopping for an outdoor futon. Selecting a preferred style and size is important, but the materials used to produce the frame and mattress or cushion can have a significant effect on the item’s durability. Price may also be a central part of the selection process.

Protection from the weather may be the most important factor when choosing an outdoor futon. If the futon is exposed to rain, snow, wind, and temperature changes, you may need to take some protective measures to avoid permanent damage. Removing the cushion during harsh weather conditions or using a cover may be necessary, but placing the furniture on a porch, gazebo, or in another covered area may require the least amount of effort.

Waterproofing is very important for an outdoor futon. Some people like to protect their futon mattress with waterproofing sprays. Fabrics used in and on the cushion may be water resistant and could prevent fading caused by long exposure to sunshine as well. External covers are the most commonly used items to help guard against water damage because they may also protect the entire frame.

If you prefer to use a futon cover for weather-guarding purposes, there are many types available. Futon covers are sometimes included in the purchase price, but you may need to buy one separately. Some covers are manufactured for a specific brand or type of futon, but universal slipcovers are also available. Make sure to find out whether a cover is included with the outdoor futon you plan to purchase.

Durability may be a significant factor in your decision-making process. A futon with a strong, sturdy construction may resist wind damage. As the futon will be exposed to uncontrolled conditions, a well-built futon may suit your needs for a longer amount of time.

Another consideration when buying an outdoor futon is whether it will fit well in your landscape design. Many people like their outdoor futon to compliment other patio furniture and outdoor items. You may want to buy an outdoor futon with a similar type of frame material and cushion that matches your other outdoor items.

The price of an outdoor futon may be important to many people. Deciding how much you want to spend before shopping can help you narrow the options. If you have a relatively large budget, you may want a futon specifically designed for outdoor use. People who want to save money may wish to purchase a cheaper futon meant for indoor use and utilize a cover to protect it from the elements. Regardless of your budget size, you should compare prices and view different manufacturers’ products.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower