How Do I Choose the Best Outdoor Day Bed?

D. Grey

In order to choose the best outdoor day bed, or patio bed, keep the following suggestions in mind before making a purchase. Ensure that the area in which the day bed will be placed is large enough for the bed and that the day bed itself is both comfortable and attractive. The size of the day bed depends on how many people you wish to be able to seat on it. Additionally, consider selecting a set of accessories that will make the outdoor day bed even more comfortable as well as items that can help protect it from the elements.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Deciding where an outdoor day bed will be placed can have an impact when deciding which day bed to purchase. Consider the space and moving requirements. While a back patio may have enough space for an outdoor day bed, if there is no clear path to the area, problems can arise. For a tight fit, you may want to select a day bed that can be assembled on-site, possibly selecting the frame and cushions separately instead of purchasing an entire pre-built unit.

The day bed should not only look good and have an eye-pleasing design but should also have some degree of functionality. This is especially true for outdoor day beds, which require some degree of protection from the weather. An outdoor day bed will be exposed to sunlight and possibly rain, so components that are both heat and light resistant as well as waterproof may be desirable. If any of the components are at risk from the weather, a cover may be an adequate preventative measure. Covers can also act to keep outdoor day beds clean and free from debris such as falling leaves from nearby trees.

Once the daybed has been selected and placed, you may find that certain accessories can enhance outdoor furniture. Additional cushions or a footrest might be useful as well as a large umbrella or other shading apparatus. If the day bed is being used in a warm area, this can keep the users cool as well as prevent sunburns. A small side table next to an outdoor day bed may be a welcome addition, serving as a place for drinks or books, making outdoor lounging as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

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