How do I Choose the Best Organic Mascara?

B. Miller

To choose the best organic mascara, you may need to try out a few different brands before finding one that works for you. Organic mascara can be slightly hard to find in stores, but it may be found in some specialty cosmetics stores or ordered online. Keep in mind that some mascaras may just be partially organic, and still be marked as organic, so it is important to read the label carefully if this is important to you.

A woman applying organic mascara to her eyelashes.
A woman applying organic mascara to her eyelashes.

When selecting an organic mascara, make sure it is marked as 100% certified organic ingredients. This means that all of the ingredients used to make the mascara are certified as being organic, and that no non-organic materials can be used. Some mascaras contain only a percentage of organic ingredients, which is fine if you are not concerned about that, but it should be clearly marked on the label either way.

Mascara is a makeup that is applied to the eyelashes in order to make them look longer, thicker, and fuller.
Mascara is a makeup that is applied to the eyelashes in order to make them look longer, thicker, and fuller.

It is also important to keep in mind that just because a mascara is marked as organic or natural does not necessarily mean it will not irritate the eyes. If you have had allergies to mascara in the past, or to any cosmetics products, it may be a good idea to purchase organic mascara that is also marked as hypoallergenic. This means that the mascara has been tested by a dermatologist and determined to not cause allergic reactions.

Aside from these considerations regarding the percentage of organic ingredients and potentially allergenic ingredients, the best mascara choice is largely up to you. Organic mascara comes in different shades, generally ranging from brown to black, though some mascaras are available in jewel tones as well. In general, people with lighter skin tones and lighter eyes may choose brown mascaras, while people with darker skin tones or those looking for a more dramatic look may choose a darker, black mascara. Organic mascara is typically not waterproof, though some versions may exist as well.

Organic mascara is typically more expensive than regular mascara, but many people feel it is worth the extra expense to avoid any potentially harmful chemicals found in cosmetics. In addition, some cosmetics stores will allow customers to take samples, or even to return opened products if they do not perform as expected. Be sure that any mascara you choose can be easily removed with soap and water or with makeup remover; it should wipe off fairly easily without needing to rub the delicate skin of the eyes. Keep in mind that mascara is not the only organic makeup available; eyeliner, eyeshadow, and facial products are also available in organic versions.

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@Jester39 - I've tried a few organic products along with my daughters and some are more expensive than others, but here's one that is affordable and easy to find in your drugstore: Physicians Formula - it adds good length and volume and doesn't flake off.

Another good choice is Miessence organic mascara - this one also makes your lashes look amazing and healthy, good for thickening. Finally, one that I tried by Lavera also made our lashes look much longer, thicker and with absolutely no flaking.

With daughters in the house who are allergic to various brands of makeup, we've tested several different types of mascaras to find the ones they can afford and that do work well.

I know there are many more organic mascaras out there you can try but these are the ones that I have had experience with.


Thanks, now I know what to look out for when purchasing organic cosmetics, specifically mascara.

But before I spend the money on an organic mascara that's also hypoallergenic (thank you for explaining that), I wonder if anyone can recommend some good products. I hate wasting my money on mascaras that flake or leave dark shadows underneath my eyes.

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