How Do I Choose the Best Organic Cereal?

Kristeen Moore

Products that are organic continue to increase in popularity, as many consumers are looking to incorporate these foods into healthier lifestyles. Organic cereal is a type of breakfast item that usually contains a combination of grains and various dried fruits. The best organic cereal should be one in which all ingredients are free of any synthetic materials. Since many cereals are stripped of vitamins and minerals during processing, you will also want to choose an organic version that contains high levels of nutrients. Some types of organic cereals have misleading labels, and certain brands might not be as healthy as regular versions of breakfast products.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Cereal is considered to be one of the most important dried foods that you can have in your pantry, as it can supply your body with essential nutrients to help you to start your day. Organic cereal is different from conventional versions in that the ingredients are derived from products that were not harvested or produced with synthetic materials. Traditional food growers often use chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides to help to ward off pests. It is thought by organic food proponents that these types of chemicals might cause long-term bodily harm.

Natural cereals are often located near organic versions in the breakfast aisle of a supermarket. There is a misconception, however, that natural and organic mean the same thing. Natural products tend to contain a hefty amount of whole grains and fruit, but this does not necessarily mean that the ingredients are produced organically. Depending on the country in which you reside, not all organic cereals are even 100%-free of all chemicals. A true synthetic chemical-free cereal will be labeled as all-organic, so it is important to read all products carefully before purchasing.

Some brands of organic cereals are labeled as being healthier than conventional versions. Although a pure organic cereal does not contain any chemicals, some types are actually not as healthy in terms of their nutritional content compared to non-organic versions. When wheat and other grains are processed, some of their vitamins and minerals are stripped. Conventional processors often add the nutrients back into the cereals, but some organic types do not. In order for a particular cereal to be considered nutritious, it should contain high levels of B vitamins and iron at the very least, regardless of whether it is organic or not.

Aside from determining the nutritional value of an organic cereal, you will also want to look for other features that could potentially make it your breakfast item of choice. There are a variety of different grains and fruit used in cereals, as well as added sugars and flavors to spruce up the taste. Be mindful that there are generally more calories in organic cereals that have added sugars and syrups.

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Yes, I think that there are lots of good cereals out there. The sugar coated ones, for example, Frosted Flakes, or I forgot what it was called. With the tiger. Though those are half sugar and half not sugar coated. So I think those taste delicious, buts it's the sugar that makes it sweet, but it is not healthy for you and your kids. Anyway, I think Honey Bunches Of Oats is a healthy cereal for the heart and for you. It has a variety of flavors such as, vanilla, strawberry and much more. I love the original with the almonds. I hope this helped. Only for the sugar coating.

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