How Do I Choose the Best Online SQL Training?

Troy Holmes

Many types of structured query language (SQL) training classes are available on the Internet. Choosing the best online SQL training requires some careful consideration by the student. At a minimum, an SQL training course should teach the student how to access data from a database. Better classes include cover advanced features such as stored procedures, shell scripting, and database configuration.

SQL training courses vary in price and complexity.
SQL training courses vary in price and complexity.

An important consideration when selecting an online SQL training course is the budget of the student. There are many types of SQL training available, which vary in price and complexity. Some good courses are available free on the Internet, but these typically are for self-motivated students experienced in basic computer concepts.

At a minimum, an SQL training course should teach the student how to access data from a database.
At a minimum, an SQL training course should teach the student how to access data from a database.

A good online SQL training course should include ample samples and real-life usage that the students can try during the class. It should include an overview of methods to read, write, and delete data from a database. It should also teach the student how to access data to create reports.

SQL training classes are designed for beginner, intermediate, or advanced students. It is important to select a class that meets the experience level of the student. This will ensure the information taught in the class is relevant and easy to learn.

One of the ways to select an online training class is by using a reputable training organization. These commercial training companies specialize in business development and are used by large companies throughout the world. Commercial training companies typically offer guarantees that ensure a qualified teacher teaches the students professional, relevant material.

Online SQL training is also available at most colleges and universities. This type of classroom training gives the student the added benefit of receiving credits towards his undergraduate diploma. College courses are typically more involved than standard training classes and require prerequisites before admission.

SQL is the scripting language to query data from a database. Each database vendor has online SQL training classes that teach the student how to use SQL for its specific database. These classes typically include certification exams designed for professional software developers.

Most online computer training course include books that can be used for reference purposes after the class is completed. This material can be downloaded and used during the class. It is important to ensure that online SQL training courses include good reference material from a reputable publisher.

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Vertabelo isn't free.


If you look for online interactive SQL courses, I recommend Vertabelo Academy. It's totally free and really useful, with many examples and interactive exercises. The other choice is SQL course at Khan Academy. It's also free and interactive.

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