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How Do I Choose the Best Nose Hair Clipper?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

One common problem that many men face as they age is dealing with nose hairs. When it becomes a serious problem, usually the most effective solution is using a nose hair clipper. When choosing one of these devices, there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure a quality product is purchased. These include finding a nose hair clipper with sharp blades and a comfortable grip. In addition, a person can choose between a battery powered device or one that plugs in.

The first thing to look for in a nose hair clipper is a product with sharp blades. These are extremely important because they effectively remove nose hair without causing pain. Dull blades are usually ineffective and often tug on nose hairs, creating pain with use. Since a higher cost usually means sharper blades, it's in one's best interest to spend a bit more money on a higher quality product as opposed to a lower end, cheaper product. In addition, paying a bit more initially often means the product will fare better against rust and last for a considerably longer period of time.

Nose hair clippers should contain sharp blades.
Nose hair clippers should contain sharp blades.

A comfortable grip is another important feature of a nose hair clipper. Since a man is likely to have the clipper in some awkward positions, it's best to select a product with a grip that feels good. This is why it's preferable to buy a product from a physical store instead of online. Doing so will allow a man to get a feel for the nose hair clipper and find a suitable product.

Battery powered nose hair clippers are more convenient and portable.
Battery powered nose hair clippers are more convenient and portable.

Another factor to consider is whether the individual prefers a battery powered device or one that plugs into an electrical outlet. The benefits of a battery powered clipper are that it's portable and can be used anywhere. These are particularly helpful for international travel where power sources are often an issue. Additionally, there are no restrictions of movement because there is no electrical chord attached to the nose hair clipper. The downside is that most devices require either AA or AAA batteries, which are an additional expense.

The primary benefit of a device that plugs in is that there is no need to replenish batteries once they run out of power. Having a plug in means that only an electrical outlet is needed to power the device. Over time, this can save money and eliminate the hassle of purchasing new batteries.

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Discussion Comments


Nose hair is something that we all have to be conscious of. Like it or not, we all have it and it can get really unsightly.

My grandmother is an incredible woman. She is smart and strong and sweet. But, God love her, she has a TON of nose hair and it is kind of the first thing you notice when you see her. Honestly, its like she has a braid growing out of each nostril.

She is stubborn and completely not vain and I think generally doesn't worry about what she looks like at this point. But she might really benefit from a little nose hair trimming.


You know how they say when you shave or trim a section of hair that it grows back thicker and darker? I always thought this was just an old wives tale until I started trimming my nose hair regularly. I swear that each time it grows back there was more than before.

Just a few years ago I had relatively little nose hair but now I feel like I have a whole patch of thick black hair sprouting out of there. Maybe its all in my mind or maybe I naturally started growing more nose hair. Or maybe its the trimming. Be forewarned. If you start cutting your nose hair you might just be encouraging it to grow.


I made a big mistake with nose hair scissors one time and hopefully everyone out there can learn from it. The article mentions that you want to find clippers that are very sharp. It doesn't mention to watch out for clippers that are too pointy.

So heres what happened. I have kind of a lot of nose hair and I got a cheap pair of nose hair scissors from the store. I had never trimmed my nose hair before so I just kind of dove right in. Well, almost immediately I ended up jabbing the very pointy end of the scissors into the inside of one of my nostrils. It bled terribly and there was no easy was to dress the cut. It took weeks for the cut to heal and my nose felt weird the entire time.

So don't do what I did. Find clippers that have a blunt tip and take your time when you are clipping. Trust me on this one.

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    • Nose hair clippers should contain sharp blades.
      By: rufar
      Nose hair clippers should contain sharp blades.
    • Battery powered nose hair clippers are more convenient and portable.
      By: mybaitshop
      Battery powered nose hair clippers are more convenient and portable.