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How Do I Choose the Best Musk for Men?

D. Grey
D. Grey

Some of the features one may wish to look out for when selecting the best musk for men are a pleasant and masculine scent, ease of application, and a price that is within one's budget. The smell may be the most important feature for many buyers, and optimally, the fragrance of the musk will be clean yet assertive. The method in which the musk is applied may also warrant consideration, such as whether it can be sprayed or comes out of a bottle in small droplets. The best musk for men will also be competitively priced and able to last for many applications.

The aromas produced by musk for men can vary from sharp or expressive fragrances to more understated. Deciding on which scent is the best is largely a matter of personal preference, but in most cases, the musk should not have a traditionally feminine smell. Spices and woods are popular scents and can provide a powerful yet not overpowering smell as well as a traditional musky scent. Some musks may include essential oils extracted from plants or trees.

A bottle of musk cologne.
A bottle of musk cologne.

How the musk is applied may also be taken into consideration as well as the container it is stored in. Some musk bottles have a small opening in the top that allows small droplets of the musk to be released when the bottle is shaken. Users of this kind of bottle should be careful not to tap out too much of the product as musk for men is usually highly concentrated and requires only a small amount to begin working. Sprays may be more convenient and easier to use.

The material from which the container is made is something else to consider when one is selecting the best musk for men. Glass containers are usually a fine choice, but for those who travel or plan to carry the musk with them, a more durable container might be a better option as it reduces the chance of the musk being spilled. If the musk is not available in a container that is appropriate for travel, buyers may wish to purchase a separate bottle for the musk that will not break or allow the musk to spill.

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    • A bottle of musk cologne.
      By: Kayros Studio
      A bottle of musk cologne.