How do I Choose the Best Muscle Car Garage?

Patrick Roland

Choosing the best muscle car garage requires research on your behalf, but the results will help improve your classic vehicle. Asking other "hot rod" car owners is a simple way to get recommendations for smart, honest mechanics. Searching in the phone book and online can yield results as well. No matter how you find a garage, it is best to ask about specific expertise to ensure your investment is going to a garage you trust. Another way to gain knowledge about the quality of work being performed is to ask for references.

Asking car owners at local auto shows can be a way to find a trusted muscle car garage.
Asking car owners at local auto shows can be a way to find a trusted muscle car garage.

Enlisting the advice of fellow muscle car owners is a good way to choose the best muscle car garage. Other owners will frequently know trusted mechanics and repair shops they take their cars to. Consulting other owners at car shows, car clubs, or even soliciting advice in online forums can be a quick way to find a trusted repair or car restoration garage.

A good mechanic should be able to provide references.
A good mechanic should be able to provide references.

A phone book or online search can also be a way to choose a muscle car garage. Look under these headings: mechanic, car repair, or automobile repair. Many garages also list expertise in working with muscle cars or other vehicles; for others, you will have to contact them to ask about their abilities. Online garage listings, which often include posted reviews and opinions from actual customers, are particularly useful.

Don't choose the first muscle car garage you find, even if a trusted car owner recommends a particular mechanic. Take time to question the repair shop staff about their expertise and experience. A muscle car can be a major investment; as such, getting a mechanic that understands the unique needs of classic car restoration is crucial. Many mechanics specialize in specific types of cars or with particular engine types. Ask question regarding your car and the mechanic's prior experience to gain a better understanding of his or her abilities.

Another way to get a sense of a garage or mechanic's talents is to request references. Ask the owner or mechanic to provide the names and contact information of other clients so that you can ask about their experience with the garage. If a mechanic cannot provide information about satisfied customers, that may be a red flag. If a list of names is provided, contact a few of them and ask about the quality and cost of the work on their cars to see if this muscle car garage falls in line with your expectations.

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