How do I Choose the Best MP3 Stereo System?

H. Bliss

With a wide array of selections available when choosing an mp3 stereo system, the best thing to do is to give some consideration to what you want and need out of your stereo system. Choices to consider when selecting an mp3 stereo system include sound quality, features, and price. Make a list of all of the features you absolutely need on a new stereo system. Write down the pros and cons of each stereo system you consider and compare them to determine the best mp3 stereo system for you.

An MP3 stereo system helps project audio throughout a room.
An MP3 stereo system helps project audio throughout a room.

Digital music files are becoming a popular form of media when playing music, and the mp3 is one of the most common music files available. Many mp3 stereo system receivers are programmed to read mp3 files and other common music file types like *.wav files. This can be convenient when transferring music from a computer audio file library, since some programs archive CDs in file types other than mp3. If a stereo system does not play files other than mp3, most file types can easily be transferred over to mp3 files by audio programs like iTunes.

MP3s are compressed digital music files that sacrifice quality for file size.
MP3s are compressed digital music files that sacrifice quality for file size.

The best way to find a stereo system with good sound quality is to focus on audio equipment brands with good reputations for audio quality, avoiding unfamiliar brands with no contact information online. Consulting user reviews for mp3 stereo systems can also give you some clues as to the quality and audio range of each system. Electronics stores often carry a variety of mp3-capable stereo systems that are available for testing on the merchandise floor, which can help give you a chance to try out a system's controls by hand.

If style is important to you when selecting your stereo system, focus on systems with an appearance that appeals to you. When looking for the best personal stereo system, aesthetic appearance can be particularly important because personal mp3 players can be part of your outfit. If you are particularly swayed by color, an mp3 stereo system that is perfect in any way except the color can be tinted by companies like Colorware®.

Value-added features on an mp3 stereo system can make it a better value than other similar stereo systems. Features like a built-in universal serial bus (USB) reader or the ability to play in stereo or surround sound technology can make one mp3 stereo system a better value or a better personal choice for you. Another important feature is compatibility with your existing devices. If you have a dockable portable mp3 device that you would like to plug into your mp3 stereo system, or a particular set of speakers you wish to use with the system, ensure that it supports the ability to use your existing hardware.

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