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How Do I Choose the Best Monogrammed Wine Glasses?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

When selecting the monogrammed wine glasses that will be best for you, there are many things to keep in mind. There are different types of wine glasses, and determining which kind of wine glass you want can be important. The number of monogrammed wine glasses you require is also a significant consideration because it can cost more money to purchase a large number of wine glasses monogrammed. Additionally, the method you use to order and obtain the wine glasses may play a role in the price.

How you have wine glasses monogrammed is very important. Some people want engraved or etched wine glasses, while others may be satisfied with monograms made with special paint. There are services that may offer laser etching, while other services provide hand-engraving for personalized wine glasses. Consider what will best suit your needs, based on the complexity of the monogram, how long you are willing to wait, and how much money you want to pay.


Weddings are one of the most common reasons for obtaining a large set of monogrammed wine glasses. Some people like to offer each guest a wedding wine glass that has been monogrammed with the initials of the wedding couple. When ordering large sets of wine glasses that are monogrammed, it may not be cost effective to have each glass monogrammed by hand. People planning weddings usually try to find a service that can offer a reasonable price for the bulk purchase of personalized wine glasses. Additionally, you may not want to order by mail for a wedding to avoid breakage and delivery delays.

Occasionally, the best monogrammed wine glasses do not use the initials of the person who ordered or purchased them. Some people want wine glasses that are monogrammed with something else, such as a state abbreviation or sports team logo. Many people may simply enjoy the way the letter design looks, while others want the letters imprinted on wine glasses to stand for something other than their names. It may be possible to locate a pre-existing set of monogrammed wine glasses that are to your liking, allowing you to avoid the cost of ordering a custom set.

Sometimes people forgo the use of a service or professional hand-engraver and decide to monogram their own wine glasses. You may be able to find etching supplies at a local hobby or craft store. If you have the time and the artistic ability, monogramming your own wine glasses can be more fun and cost effective than using a service or a professional.

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