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How Do I Choose the Best Money Belt?

M. Walker
M. Walker

Choosing the best money belt will involve considering the price, size, style, and intended use. Traveling with money can be made simpler and safer with the use of a money belt to hide your cash, credit and debit cards, insurance information, and identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. Depending on the documents you intend to store and the clothes you intend to wear while traveling, different styles of money belts will offer the greatest security and comfort.

The price of a money belt can vary depending on its design and the materials used. Most belts range from under $10 US Dollars (USD) for simple fabric pouches to upwards of $40 USD for durable leather belts and complex designs. Before purchasing you should evaluate your budget and determine how much you can afford to spend on a money belt, and then try to find one with the greatest safety, comfort, and durability within your budget.


You should also consider the size of the money belt. If you intend to carry larger amounts of cash with you or your passport, you’ll need one in the appropriate dimensions. Sleeker and more versatile designs can be used if you only intend to carry small amounts of folded bills.

The style of the money belt is also incredibly important because it will need to work well with your clothes, remain accessible, and provide a safe place to store your belongings. There are a wide range of styles available, including silk belts that are worn around the waist, leather belts that contain zippered pouches, pouches that attach to the bottom edge of a dress shirt, neck pouches, leg wraps, and full undergarments with extra storage pockets. Modified money belts that resemble fanny packs are also available, but many travelers fear that these increase the likelihood of theft or pickpocketing because they keep important belongings stored in a clearly visible location.

You may want a money belt that's wide enough to hold your debit and credit cards.
You may want a money belt that's wide enough to hold your debit and credit cards.

The style of clothes you'll be wearing when you travel will help you determine the best style and fit. Women who intend to wear skirts and dresses, for example, might prefer leg wraps to traditional waist belts because they allow for more discretion when retrieving money or documents. Men who wear business clothes and dress shirts might prefer money belts that attach to the hem of a shirt, and they can be easier to access and are as safe as traditional belts. A waterproof belt may be useful for hostel stays where you might want to take your belt into a shower stall for more security.

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My wife gave me a really nice leather money belt for Christmas. The only problem is that it was really conspicuous. When I wore it under my shirt it was really obvious what I had on underneath.

I like the money belt but I don't know when I will ever be able to use it. It makes me look ridiculous and it is almost an advertisement to thieves.


Make sure you get a money belt that is comfortable. I bought a cheap one in a travel store before I went backpacking in Europe and I did not take the time to really try it on. I made sure it fit but that was it.

Once I actually got there and wore it while I was walking around I found out that it dug into my stomach and quickly became uncomfortable. I got rid of it after just a few days. Spare yourself the trouble and walk around the store a few times with the money belt strapped to your waist.

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    • Money.
      By: Hugh O'Neill
    • You may want a money belt that's wide enough to hold your debit and credit cards.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      You may want a money belt that's wide enough to hold your debit and credit cards.