How do I Choose the Best Moist Heating Pad?

Sherry Holetzky

Heat therapy can be very comforting and can aid in easing pain caused by injury or illness. A moist heating pad is a useful tool for providing heat therapy and has many valuable properties such as the abilities to increase circulation, help control muscle spasms, and help speed healing. Choosing the best moist heating pad will require time to do some research. A health care provider can advise you and you can also learn from product reviews and word of mouth. A lot also depends on your personal wants and needs.

Heating pads may be helpful in easing muscle spasms.
Heating pads may be helpful in easing muscle spasms.

An electric moist heating pad, or one with an option for moist heat, can be very helpful. Electric heating pads are available in different sizes but may not offer many color choices. Look for one with adjustable heat settings, so you can control the temperature.

Heating pads should not be used while sleeping.
Heating pads should not be used while sleeping.

Some heating pads offer temperature controls that are designed with arthritis sufferers in mind and are therefore very easy to use. There are also digital displays that allow the user to control not only the level of heat but also the amount of time the pad will remain heated. It is also a good idea to choose a pad with an automatic shutoff in case you fall asleep. There are also safety concerns when using electric appliances, especially when lying down or sleeping.

People with arthritis may benefit from heating pads.
People with arthritis may benefit from heating pads.

You may prefer something a bit more portable in a heating pad. Some pads contain a moisture retention core that can be moistened and then placed in the microwave before being inserted into the pad, so you can choose wet or dry heat. Others contain gel that can be heated. Use caution when heating such products in the microwave and follow instructions precisely. Also, be aware that they can become very hot and you may need to let them cool down somewhat or place a towel between the pad and your skin.

A moist heating pad may also come equipped with straps to help keep it in place. Other pads are designed like a small blanket that can be wrapped around your body or wrapped around the area that is painful such as the leg, neck, arm, or shoulder. Whichever type of heating pad you prefer, look for one with a removable, washable cover for added convenience.

Some electric heating pads come with a moist option.
Some electric heating pads come with a moist option.

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Moist electric heating pads are more effective than the dry heat ones, but I like to use heat patches that I can simply attach to my body and then go ahead with my daily routine. This way, I am getting the benefits of the heat all day.

That being said, some of the mobile moist pad options mentioned in this article might work as well, but they still have limitations that the dry heat patches don't have in terms of how long you can use them without reheating.


@Laotionne - Dry heat and moist heating pads are a big help when it comes to managing chronic pain and pain caused by injury or over exertion. Whether dry or moist, heat is heat, so it is all good.

However, the major difference is that moist heat is better able to go deeper into muscles and help relax tight muscle. This deep penetration is also good for increasing circulation, which can aid in healing.


I take advantage of dry heating pads to deal with muscle tightness that I have from time to time. I also use the pads to help deal with the pain of muscle cramps. I have no complaints with the pad I have. It works well.

However, I am wondering whether there is a noticeable difference in the results you get when you use a moist heating bad rather than the the dry type I have.

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